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AddShopper and Logical Position have partnered up to help companies get the free and fast shipping annotation on Google and the results that come with it. Logical Position is a Google Premier free and fast implementation partner. As a client or prospect of AddShopper, you are entitled to exclusive time with Ryan Garrow to help understand the annotation, how it could help your business and what the steps would be to start. Fill out the form below or connect directly with Ryan to get the exclusive AddShopper Access.

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Ryan Garrow
Director of Client Solutions and Partnerships

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As the CEO of TQE Marketing, Ryan transformed a boutique digital agency into one of the premier eCommerce marketing teams in the country. Since TQE was acquired by Logical Position, he has worked personally with thousands of clients of all sizes and industries to develop custom digital marketing strategies that minimize costs and maximize returns.

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New free & fast indicator on Google Shopping

Free 2-day

What is free & fast shipping?

Google’s new free and fast program aims to improve the purchasing journey by prominently displaying the Free 2-day shipping annotation on qualifying Shopping ads. For consumers, this will greatly reduce the friction caused by hidden shipping details that are often slow and costly. For businesses, this means more conversions.

Today’s online shoppers expect to know if their purchase includes affordable shipping and quick delivery. Google’s new Shopping ads feature immediately shows your customers they can get what they want, free and fast!

Early Program Results


Increase in Conversions

Conditioned by offer impressions


Increase in Conversions Per Dollar

Conditioned by offer impressions


Conversion Rate

Conditioned by offer impressions

Source: Topline results based on Google internal data from Oct’19 controlled experiment of Free x-day flyout in PLAs

Since 88% of shoppers say that free shipping is important when deciding from whom to buy, it’s imperative that retailers not only offer this but can easily highlight this to consumers (Ipsos, 2019).

Google Free & Fast Shipping

Let Logical Position Help You as a Google
Premier free & fast Shipping Partner

Google Premier Partner Logical Position

Let us help! Logical Position is a Google Premier free and fast implementation partner, meaning there is no better company prepared to make your Google Shopping fulfillment process free & fast.