Basecamp Sites™

Simple, yet effective.

We know that a new, custom website isn't always a viable option for many small businesses. That's why we have created Basecamp Sites™. These sites are simple, 3-5 page microsites that are mobile-friendly (responsive) and have been designed to get you more leads from your paid search marketing if your current site is outdated or not mobile friendly. Best of all, they are available at no up front cost* for our paid search clients.

  • Responsive Design

    All of our sites are built to look good on all devices.

  • Multiple Options

    Different colors and layouts available to fit your company's branding.

  • Built to Convert

    Our sites are built with one thing in mind, getting people to convert.

  • Yours to Keep

    Unlike other agencies, we don't keep these babies hostage if you leave.*

  • Free!

    An absent or old site shouldn't stop you from advertising.

  • PPC Friendly

    Start bidding on mobile traffic that you miss out on without a mobile site.

*no up front cost applies to clients that agree to a 12-month PPC Management commitment and is a $0 setup fee and $49/mo. After commitment term expires, clients have option to take ownership of Basecamp Site™.

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Tweaked for your brand and goals.

Though our free Basecamp Sites™ are built using templates, we will still make sure the colors align with your brand and the site objective aligns with how you want people to convert.

  • Choose Your Color

    Choose a standard color or send us your brand's HEX color and our web designers will change the template's main color to match.

  • Optimized for conversions

    Each template has two versions - one with a focus on form-fills and the other with a focus on phone calls. Just tell us which is most important to you and we will use that version.

Basecamp Sites™ Packages

FREE Setup

with 12-month PPC agreement

$995 Setup

with any PPC term length

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Basecamp Sites™ Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the content (information) come from?

One way we are able to keep these sites so inexpensive (FREE!) is by relying on our client to provide the content. You can get information to be placed on the pages from an existing site, local listing page or write it fresh. All you need to do once you become a client is put that content into this form.

What if I want the site but don't want to commit to 12 months of PPC?

Many of our clients who have been with us for years started off with short-term contracts. If you want to commit to a shorter term like 3 or 6 months, you can still get one of our Basecamp Sites™ for $995.

What is the difference between the Free and Paid packages?

With the Free version of Basecamp Sites™, Logical Position owns the domain we purchase and the site until you fulfill your 12-month Paid Search Agreement. There is no setup fee and a monthly fee of $49 covers the hosting and backups on our servers and your access level is limited to Author. Paid Basecamp Sites™ own everything immediately, can be put live under your own domain, and you have Admin access in order to change the layout, design and add pages.

How many pages do I get with Basecamp Sites™?

Included with the templates are 5 pages max. If you fulfill your 12-month agreement or buy the site out early you will gain Admin access where you can add more pages.

Can I SEO a Basecamp Site™?

Basecamp Sites™ are built using WordPress and once you take over ownership you can add a plugin like Yoast SEO to help with the SEO of the site. Because they are of finite size (5 pages) we don't recommend SEO for these sites as you won't be able to add new landing pages, blogs, etc. If these are of high importance to you and you want a new website, please check out our custom websites page to get a quote!

Who is eligible for Basecamp Sites™?

Any client who signs up for PPC Management that does not already have a website or doesn't have a website suitable for sending ads to. A website that is not suitable for ads is a website that does not contain the services we are targeting or does not load properly on mobile. Also, Basecamp Sites™ are not for ecommerce, they are specifically for lead-based businesses.

I have a domain I've already paid for, can I use it?

Yes, but only with the paid version of Basecamp Sites™. If a client pays for the site up front then we can launch it under any hosting they choose and use any domain they've already purchased. Free versions of Basecamp Sites™ are only put live using a domain that Logical Position purchases, one that will be very similar to your business name or existing domain.

What happens after I've fulfulled 12-months of Paid Search?

Once your 12-month contract renews or expires, you will have the option to keep your site which many other paid search agencies don't offer. We can either transfer the domain to your GoDaddy account and send you the packaged website files for free, or for $99 we can transfer the site and get it live on a hosting plan you've already created.

How many changes do I get to the template?

With our Free and Paid version of Basecamp Sites™ there aren't any changes made to design or layout. However, we will change the theme colors to match your existing brand colors. With the Free version you are able to change most pictures and text and with the Paid version your access allows you or your webmaster to change anything after we launch.