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Logical Position has one of the largest teams of Google Ads Certified Individuals in the industry. When we perform a free Google Ads Audit of your campaign you'll know all the places you could be saving money and getting more conversions at a lower cost.

your click-through-rate

Get more valuable clicks on your ads by avoiding typical missteps in ad targeting, copy, and relevance. Unnecessarily low CTR’s are one of the most common issues that drag campaigns down.

your cost-per-click

Don’t pay more for clicks than you have to. We’ll review your campaigns to check for common problems that needlessly spike CPC’s.

your quality score

Raise your ads’ rank and pay less for ad placement with Quality Scores over 6. Understand why some of your scores are lower and learn proven strategies for improving them.

your cost-per-conversion

Improve the profitability of your campaigns by spending less money on each new sale. We’ll walk you through all the steps for determining whether you could be paying less for your conversions.

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  • If your company is selling something online, you had better talk to Logical Position, because you’ll either win with them, or get beat by one of your competitors that is using them. I know if I give LP $1 to spend, they will turn it into many more! -Elizabeth D., Ecommerce Manager

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