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How Holland Bulb Farms Is Doubling Their Revenue Every Year

Ad Spend: $90,000

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Founded in 2004, Holland Bulb Farms is the premiere online source for flower bulbs, garden seeds, and herb kits. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, family-owned Holland Bulb Farms offers a 100% grow guarantee and free shipping coupons for their customers. With 90% of their fall planted bulbs being sourced directly from The Netherlands, it’s no wonder they’re a top choice for gardeners and growers everywhere.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Revenue from Google Ads

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Generated in 9 Months on Microsoft Ads

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Why’d They Come to LP?

Case Study - Holland Bulb Farms

When we met, Holland Bulb Farms (HBF) was working with another pay-per-click (PPC) agency, but there were lapses in performance and the client wasn’t happy. The previous organization struggled to round out the seasonality that’s part of the bulb cultivation industry; which made it impossible to scale any discernible growth without huge peaks and valleys that skew the data. In 2017, when Logical Position (LP) reached out, we convinced Holland Bulb Farms to turn over a new leaf—they partnered with LP and let us get our hands dirty. (Let’s grow!)

What Strategy Was Used?

Our paid search team performed a comprehensive diagnostic on past account performance to understand the opportunities available, and prioritize the lowest hanging fruit to go after first. To drive new site traffic and build top-of-funnel brand awareness, we created YouTube prospecting ads and Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs), both of which targeted potential buyers in the bulb buying demographic. Once our campaigns had aggregated enough data to paint a picture, we evaluated our account-wide cost-per-acquisition (CPA) to set new acquisition targets. We wanted to scale Holland Bulb Farms (they did too), so we identified a CPA that satisfied the revenue needs for the interim business, while accounting for the customer lifetime value of new sales. Next, we switched our DSA and YouTube campaigns to target CPA bidding—an automated strategy that allowed us to go after a lot of traffic while keeping our cost-per-clicks (CPCs) low.

Case Study - Holland Bulb Farms

Our team noticed very quickly that our top impression shares were coming from a demographic of people aged 35 and up. This made sense—consumers who are buying bulbs are mostly going to be people who have homes, and a yard to plant things in. Knowing that the Bing user base tends to be consumers who are 50 and older, our team suggested that Holland Bulb Farms launch Microsoft Advertising to capture this untapped audience more effectively.

The gardening industry is a saturated market when it comes to online advertising. With this in mind, our paid search team created a Competitors campaign—which runs ads when there’s a search for one of Holland Bulb Farms’ competitors. Holland Bulb Farms’ business is very seasonal, with their peak seasons being the spring and fall. Their previous PPC management company struggled to generate revenue during the off-season, but we made a suggestion that would change everything: Holland Bulb Farms needed to grow their product inventory. Now, during the summer and winter, we’re able to push their expanded product line, which includes herb kits and gift packages. We’ve also helped them implement a pre-ordering system, which has allowed our team to increase enough revenue to run ads all year long.

What Were The Results?

In the four years we’ve worked together, we’ve been able to double Holland Bulb Farms’ revenue every year—meaning we’re doubling even on the gains we made in the prior year. 2020 was a banner year for Holland Bulb Farms; with so many people stuck at home with nothing to do, many people decided to start gardening—leading to a 235% increase in revenue on Microsoft Advertising year-over-year (YoY).

This year, we’ve still managed to beat that—with revenue up 89% on Microsoft, and 92% on Google YoY. In 9 months, we’ve generated $557,000 from advertising on Microsoft Advertising—the artist formerly known as Bing Ads. Account-wide, Holland Bulb Farms is seeing a 4x return-on-ad-spend (ROAS), and website traffic from paid search is up 42%. Holland Bulb Farms has been so happy with performance that they’ve even brought on their second business, Tulip World, to work with LP.

Case Study - Holland Bulb Farms

Our results have made a lasting impression for their business beyond revenue alone. We’ve helped Holland Bulb Farms curate an annual sales calendar from what was once more of a seasonal business. During our partnership, we’ve planted seeds that have firmly rooted the future of their organization, and it’s so nice to enjoy the flowers of our labor.

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