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How NAC Supply Achieved A 564% Increase In Revenue

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NAC Supply joined the industry in 1967 as contractors, became suppliers in 1994, and began selling online and shipping nationwide in 2005. They have focused on carrying the highest quality products in the pavement maintenance industry, making it easy to find and buy supplies online and getting them to you fast.

At NAC Supply, they make it simple to purchase all asphalt sealcoating products and asphalt repair supplies from one source, with easy navigation and checkout. They strive to list in-stock items only and ship them super-fast. Make NAC Supply your sealcoating and asphalt supply superstore. Whether you have a residential driveway or a commercial parking lot to maintain, they have the asphalt sealcoating products to fit your needs.

Key Metrics

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Increase in New Users (sitewide)

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Increase in Revenue

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Increase in First Page Keywords

“We were handling our own SEO, Pay Per Click, and Email Marketing in-house for 10 years with little success. When Logical Position started handling our account in 2017, we saw an immediate return. We started with PPC, then added SEO and finally email marketing. We were reluctant to pay for what we thought we could do ourselves, but it quickly became evident that paying for the right experts is worth every dollar spent.”

-Dan Browne, VP at NAC Supply

Case Study - NAC Supply


  • To increase overall targeted traffic to the site
  • To increase brand awareness
  • To increase keyword rankings
  • To increase sales and users to their online storefront


Before the start of the campaign, Logical Position helped NAC Supply with its site migration during previous SEO consulting hours (SEOC) to ensure little to no loss of existing organic rankings. To start the SEO foundation on the right foot, Logical Position compared the previous SEOC work that was done for the client’s website in comparison with the campaign goals to identify key terms, phrases, and areas of opportunity to further develop their organic presence. LP began with an on-site report that included hand-selecting the top-performing category URLs to see optimal results quickly. Throughout the duration of the campaign, LP has continued to optimize additional category pages, fix technical work, as well as create on-site and off-site content to improve NAC Supply’s organic search results above its competitors.


In August 2016, NAC Supply partnered with Logical Position for 10 hours of SEOC. They then signed up for an additional ten hours of SEOC in October 2018 and again in November 2018. Then in June 2019, as NAC Supply was experiencing outstanding results, they decided to add an additional five hours of SEOC and increase their SEO package to a National – Basic campaign.

Since working together, NAC Supply has experienced outstanding growth. Logical Position was able to increase organic rankings and traffic with the successful site migration, and they helped NAC Supply continue to grow throughout the campaign. Due to Logical Position’s efforts, comparing September 2018 to September 2020, NAC Supply keywords have grown 242% (511 to 1,746). When comparing first page keywords, there was an increase of 204% from September 2018 with 78 keywords to September 2020 with 237 keywords.


511 Keywords
7 in Top 3 Positions

September 2018

78 First Page

September 2018

1,255 Keywords
25 in Top 3 Positions

September 2019

182 First Page

September 2019

1,746 Keywords
40 in Top 3 Positions

September 2020

237 First Page

September 2020

Targeted Keywords

From September 2018 to September 2020

Not Ranking 2nd Position

“asphalt suppliers”

2,400 searches per month

September 2018 = not ranking
September 2019 = 9th position
September 2020 = 2nd position

11th 7th Position

“sealcoating equipment for sale”

480 searches per month

September 2018 = 11th position
September 2019 = 9th position
September 2020 = 7th position

26th 15th Position

“used sealcoating equipment”

260 searches per month

September 2018 = 26th position
September 2019 = 17th position
September 2020 = 15th position

30th 5th Position

“seal coat tank”

111 searches per month

September 2018 = 30th position
September 2019 = 15th position
September 2020 = 5th position

14th 4th Position

“Sealcoat sprayer”

320 searches per month

September 2018 = 14th position
September 2019 = 10th position
September 2020 = 4th position

Based on Google Analytics’ data, the site’s overall organic traffic improved significantly from September 2018 to September 2020. NAC Supply saw a 154% increase of users to its site (1,114 to 2,825), a 163% increase in new users (972 to 2,559), a 154% increase in sessions (1,270 to 3,228), and an increase in revenue of 564%.


September 2018
September 2020
NAC Supply - Analytics 1


Increase in Users

NAC Supply - Analytics 2


Increase in Sessions

NAC Supply - Analytics 3


Increase in Transactions

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