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How Premium Poly Patios Increased Their Revenue By 144%

Monthly Ad Spend: $85,000

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Since 1998, Premium Poly Patios has offered a wide selection of eco-friendly outdoor patio furniture. Their furniture is unique because it can stand up to the harshest environments—made from polywood, the furnishings won’t crack, peel, splinter, or rot, making it virtually indestructible against the elements. Premium Poly Patios also offers free shipping on all of their products and has a hassle-free return policy, making the company the gold standard for consumers looking to upgrade their outdoor space.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Revenue

Premium Poly Patios - Key Metric 2

$7.5 Million

in Additional Yearly Revenue

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Increase in New Sitewide Users

Why’d They Come to LP?

Premium Poly Patios had been running their paid search ads in-house for a few years; while the ads were doing well enough to keep the business running, Premium Poly Patios knew they could be doing better. The marketing team had a lot to juggle—everything was getting done, but not done enough—there just wasn’t enough time in the day to do it all. Premium Poly Patios eventually decided to outsource their digital marketing campaigns to Logical Position (LP). Their initial goal was to drive more revenue, more efficiently. After reviewing their campaigns, LP set our own goal of an 8x return-on-ad-spend (ROAS).

What Strategy Was Used?

Premium Poly Patios had been using a limited amount of keywords in their paid search campaigns in an attempt to save budget and spend more efficiently, but they were losing out on tons of low hanging fruit. So our team began by building out a broader keyword strategy to help lower our cost-per-clicks (CPCs) while increasing our conversions. Casting a wider keyword net meant we could bring down our average CPC; it also meant Premium Poly Patios was showing up for more searches, leading to more traffic on their website. Next, we added Smart Display campaigns into the fold—these campaigns access the Google Display Network using automated bidding mechanisms that allow Premium Poly Patios to populate their ads on different websites at a profitable rate. Smart Display campaigns also automatically generate the ads based on algorithms run by Google; taking the guesswork out of which ads will convert the best.

Case Study - Premium Poly Patios

As our campaigns gained traction, we continued to leverage automation strategies for search and shopping to optimize ad-spend. Fine-tuning Google automation enabled LP to target audiences further down the sales funnel that were more likely to convert.

As the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in the beginning of 2020, our team shifted our strategies to adapt to the new buying landscape. Consumer behavior changed drastically during Q2 of 2020; we took advantage of this shift by making strategic decisions based on what we were seeing from our data—and leveraged these trends to drive revenue. As the year progressed, supply chain shortages became more abundant, with outdoor patio furniture having months-long wait times to ship. The long shipping lead times were due to so much of the world being stuck at home—everyone wanted to give their backyard an upgrade while they had the chance. We helped Premium Poly Patios navigate their supply chain shortages by pushing products with better availability. Our team ran promotions on ready-to-ship products and items that were consistently in-stock. We also advised Premium Poly Patios on their omni-channel strategy, providing guidance for their email marketing campaigns to close the gap with consumers in various stages of the sales funnel.

What Were The Results?

We compared performance from March and April 2019 (when campaigns were managed by Premium Poly Patios) versus March and April 2020, the first two months of paid search management by LP. During this time, we increased revenue by 96% and transactions by 167% (1,001 versus 375). Looking at 2020 versus 2019 as a whole, we grew revenue by 144% in the latter year—an increase of over $7.5 million. Transactions during this time period increased by 191%, and brand awareness increased too; with a 243% increase in new users on Premium Poly Patios’ website.

Case Study - Premium Poly Patios

After a banner year in 2020, the challenge in 2021 was staying dynamic and figuring out how to leverage new tools to further capture market share profitably. Premium Poly Patios increased their budget by $350,000 for the year, which helped our team grow their revenue by 54%; earning an additional $3 million on top of our revenue increase from the year before. Our brand equity continues to grow as well, with a 25% increase in new users on the website in 2021. We’ve also beat the goal we set for ourselves of an 8x ROAS, earning an average of $10 for every $1 spent on ads during the course of our partnership.

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