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Did you miss our webinar with GoDataFeed and Enterprise Digital Strategist, Ryan Garrow? Watch the video above and get great information about advanced shopping strategies to make sure your product campaigns are winning.

Ryan Garrow
Enterprise Digital Strategist

Happy Clients!

“If your company is selling something online, you had better talk to Logical Position, because you’ll either win with them, or get beat by one of your competitors that is using them. I know if I give LP $1 to spend, they will turn it into many more $1s!”

-Elizabeth Dougherty, Ecommerce Manager, Dallas Cowboys

“We had one AdWords campaign spending money without really knowing what we were doing. The LP Enterprise team really helped us understand that instead of using a shotgun approach, we could get much more targeted on what our customers are looking for. Brian understands our business. He understands me. He understands what I want. It comes down to the relationship. I just couldn’t imagine knowing what LP knows.”

-Alec Sammann, President, PeeperSpecs

“Logical Position’s Enterprise team brought unmatched sophistication and performance to our SEM efforts at Harry & David. Starting digital program management only two months before our critical holiday period, they were able to break all of our records for revenue and profit for that season; they then continued that trend every month that I worked with them. The team regularly went above and beyond in helping my teams understand and capitalize on digital marketing spend optimization as well as attribution modeling. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to any ecommerce company…unless you’re a competitor of mine.”

-Craig Johnson, CEO, The Aristotle Corporation,
(Former) CEO at Harry & David

“Logical Position’s Enterprise team did a phenomenal job of taking over our paid search programs. They actually doubled our numbers during the holiday period, our busiest time of year. The team helped us not only drive higher ROI, but brought in new buyers and increased our product visibility. LP seems to just hire the best of the best. They use manual methods while every other agency and internal team seems to be doing the opposite, but they produce better results than anything I could have done in-house.”

-Wally Schlaegel, Digital Marketing Director, Fossil