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Ryan Garrow
Director of Client Solutions and Partnerships

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As the CEO of TQE Marketing, Ryan transformed a boutique digital agency into one of the premier eCommerce marketing teams in the country. Since TQE was acquired by Logical Position, he has worked personally with thousands of clients of all sizes and industries to develop custom digital marketing strategies that minimize costs and maximize returns.

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Need to Improve Your PPC Campaigns?

In addition to consulting with you on the digital strategies that are best for your business, Ryan will help you you save money and capture more customers with AdWords and Bing Ads. He’ll improve the profitability of your campaigns and help you avoid costly mistakes by showing you how to:

Increase your click-through-rate

Get more valuable clicks on your ads by avoiding typical missteps in ad targeting, copy, and relevance. Unnecessarily low CTR’s are one of the most common issues that drag campaigns down.

Decrease your cost-per-click

Don’t pay more for clicks than you have to. We’ll review your campaigns to check for common problems that needlessly spike CPC’s.

Increase your quality score

Raise your ads’ rank and pay less for ad placement with Quality Scores over 6. Understand why some of your scores are lower and learn proven strategies for improving them.

Decrease your cost-per-conversion

Improve the profitability of your campaigns by spending less money on each new sale. We’ll walk you through all the steps for determining whether you could be paying less for your conversions.

Reviews & Case Study

Logical Position has really been able to push my organization to new levels. Based on my experience with previous agencies, I did not think paid search had the potential to grow the way it has under LP’s direction. My account team there consistently goes above and beyond in helping me develop strategy for areas they don’t even manage. It has been a great partnership for my business.

Jeffrey Weiss, Owner of Amols'

My business has literally quadrupled since hiring Logical Position. The experience I’ve had since day one has been nothing but a pleasure… easy and effortless.

Mike N., Los Angeles, CA

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