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Company Overview is a large online reseller of insurance, cable, internet, phone, home automation and home security. This was a new company looking for a completely new online presence and marketing strategy.

Project Description

The project started with creating a strong brand identy and logo. After a short review process, they decided on our design of modern text with a magnifying glass which signifies that the user conducts searches on their site. Next was building a website designed for truly one thing - conversions. is in an extremely competitive market and they needed a site that would visually appeal to someone quickly and get them to convert just as fast. Essentially, we built the entire site as a series of landing pages. Each page had pricing for the specific product/service, brief information and multiple ways to convert.

In order to capitalize on the valuable traffic that left without converting we included a display ad remarketing campaign. These ads were shown in traditional remarketing fashion and contained bonus deals and promo codes to entice the user to return and convert.


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Display / Remarketing Ads

Logo Design

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