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Top Takeaways from WWDC 2015

Every year, Apple holds its developer conference, The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, in San Francisco. This is where they announce new operating systems for both their Mac and iOS product lines, as well as show off their sales numbers for the last year. This year, however, they stuck to announcing new things for their operating […]Read More

Google’s I/O Conference 2015 for Dummies

Last week, the Google crowd and developers from across the world got together in San Francisco for Google’s largest developer conference of the year, I/O (stands for input/output). For some tech enthusiasts, this is like Christmas — tons of new toys to play with, visions of futuristic sugarplums, and even some altruism/philanthropy thrown in. But […]Read More

What’s New? 6 of the Coolest Announcements from Microsoft Build 2015

Another developer conference = more things for us lay-people to try to understand! During the 2015 developer conference last week, Microsoft revealed a few of their new strategies for making Windows 10 accessible to more users, as well as the new face of Internet Explorer (hint: it also starts with an “e”), a new productivity […]Read More