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We pride ourselves on our staff and know that good people are what make a great company. Are you looking for a career change? Apply now for one of our positions to join one of the Top 100 Workplaces in Oregon!

Work and play.

But mostly play.

I mean work.

We work together, we eat together, we have fun together, we even have a kickball team together. If you are interested in joining a corporate culture that expects people to work hard and have fun while doing it then contact us to find out how you can join the LP family that keeps growing!

Spring 2016 Kickball League Champs!

Training and Education

Our industry and the advertising platforms we use are constantly evolving. To grow as a company we need our employees to keep up with these changes. We encourage our employees to take part in the training courses Logical Position and our partners offer to stay ahead of the game.

Work-Life Balance

There aren't too many companies that let their employees leave in the early afternoon each day. We know that your career can take a toll on you and we want our employees happy, refreshed and ready every day they walk in the door. One way to make that happen is to give them the time they need to enjoy their personal life.

Compensation and Benefits

All of our employees are offered incentives to go above and beyond and are eligible for benefits after being here a short while. Regardless of your position, you have the opportunity to make bonuses above your hourly wage or your salary. Our benefit program includes medical, dental and 401k.

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