We are Passionate About Supporting
Our Local Communities

Logical Position is dedicated to supporting local communities through volunteer efforts, donations, and pro bono projects. Throughout our offices across the country, we have dedicated committee members who partner with local organizations to coordinate and implement events for our employees. We have hosted blood drives, clothing & toy drives, beach cleanups, pet adoptions, and more. Our diverse group of nonprofit partners allow us to focus our philanthropic investments in local communities that serve both humanitarian and environmental causes.

Our Partners

Central Texas Food Bank
Whole Planet Foundation
Red Cross
Oregon Wild
We Love Clean Rivers
Wagging Tails LV

Our Events

Our community events are organized through Logical Position’s internal A.C.E.S. (Activities, Community, Education, and Social) program, an employee volunteer committee program. Our Community Committee holds events across the country including volunteering at food banks, pet rescue programs, blood drives, beach cleanups, and more.

A.C.E.S. Event 1
A.C.E.S. Event 2
A.C.E.S. Event 3
Company Culture
A.C.E.S. Event 4
A.C.E.S. Event 5
A.C.E.S. Event 6
A.C.E.S. Event 7
A.C.E.S. Event 8
A.C.E.S. Event 9
A.C.E.S. Event 10
A.C.E.S. Event 11
A.C.E.S. Event 12
A.C.E.S. Event 13
A.C.E.S. Event 14
A.C.E.S. Event 15

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