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What Our Clients Say

“We were told when we started with Logical Position that it could take time to see results. Which I expected it to take several months to notice an increase in sales; however, sales started to climb almost immediately across all channels. We have grown steadily since, and a lot of that I credit to the incredible work from our SEO, PPC, and Social teams at LP. It’s been phenomenal having professionals to lean on, and I look forward to continuing our growth moving forward!”

Abigail Kelly, Owner of Lindley General Store

“Logical Position has been instrumental to our success in digital marketing. Consistently meeting and exceeding sales and conversion goals that specifically align with our inventory and fulfillment targets. When it comes to digital ads, the team at LP has no problem taking the wheel and showing us how to navigate the digital off-road.”

Luke Schnake, CEO of Ironman

“I wanted to express my thanks and satisfaction with the way Logical Position (LP) is handling my digital marketing campaigns. Having the team at LP handle this for me is just such a relief. I felt like even with my best effort I was just throwing money out the window managing my own campaigns. Thank you for all you do with my account and keep up the great work!”

Joseph Schmukler, WSD’s Owner

“Logical Position is one of those rare agency partners that is priced very competitively on the low end of your expectations, and consistently provides very high-end results with unbelievable ROI multiples. Our paid search and product listing campaigns crush it month after month, and the team at Logical Position is proactive, present, experienced, motivated, and creative.”

Ryan Pamplin, Co-founder & CEO of BlendJet

“We’ve worked with other agencies in the past but with mediocre performance. After Logical Position took over management, we saw immediate results and have been blown away by the continual growth they have helped us achieve!”

Sam Link, CutsMetal’s Owner

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