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“My business has literally quadrupled since hiring Logical Position. The experience I've had since day one has been nothing but a pleasure… easy and effortless. While I was fast asleep counting sheep, Marty McWhirter and his awesome team of savage marketing machines were probably working till sunrise counting ways to beat my competitors! To all my competitors who are in the dust….. here's your chance to catch up. You now know my secret weapon! You're welcome!! “

Mike N.Los Angeles, CA

“We are very happy with the work that Logical Position has done on our Google Ads account. Since they have taken over managing the account, it has grown to become our leading source of new Sales leads and revenue. The reps we deal with are super knowledgeable and able to address any questions or concerns we have in a timely manner. Steven is very attentive and reaches out to us on a regular basis for feedback and to fine-tune our keywords to continue to improve our ad performance. We would recommend Logical Position to any company looking to increase their web-presence through Google Ads.”

Susan C.Broussard, LA

“We just wanted to take a minute and let you all know how much we appreciate all that you have done for us with this website. You were very patient with us and always made yourselves available. You kept things moving forward and were so helpful through the whole process… and we just wanted you to know how grateful that we are for all of the staff there at LP! You guys are amazing!!!”

Shauna D.Portland, OR

“Logical Position has been instrumental in helping us improve our Google CPC program. Marty M. has been a top-notch AE that is always on top of managing the multiple campaigns and keywords we focus our efforts on. We have seen steady improvements in our ROI since moving to Logical Position and we couldn't be any happier at this point.”

Chuck T.Greenville, SC

“Logical Position has been a great service for my business. They have helped my business to maintain on top of Google Ads. This service has increased my sales and the amount of customers that have come and inquired about my business services. The staff is excellent. I receive follow up calls each month to review how the different campaigns are going and they are always there to communicate with me when I have any questions. Marty McWhirter has been my account representative for my business for quite some time. He has helped me to find the right path with the advertising platform to help my business become a success.”

Kyle C.Metairie, LA

“Logical Position has managed our Google Ads account for the past two years. They been able to focus our marketing dollars and refined our advertising goals beyond our expectations. Our account representative (Steven Guzman) follows up with us regularly to make sure everything is OK and is always quick to respond to any requests. We've been VERY pleased with the results and look forward to a long relationship with Logical Position.”

Jay S.Dallas, Tx

“I've had the pleasure of working with Meagan McCoy at Logical Position for over a year and it's been a great experience for my company based in Santa Cruz, CA. Using LP has boosted our overall exposure on the internet and their web ad work is awesome. Meagan is great at getting back to me super fast via phone and email, and it's because of the level of service we receive and the growth we've seen in our company that we're sticking with LP for years to come.”

Jenny G.Capitola, CA

“I have been with Logical Position from the ground floor. They have helped take my business to the next level with qualified leads and sales. I was losing money on Google ads before when I was trying to manage it on my own, and after Logical Position took over I started getting qualified leads immediately. I have recommended them to all of my friends who own a business, and they have seen success as well. They also get back to you quickly with any updates needed to your campaign.”

Chad H.Key West, FL

“Logical Position has been managing my company's Google Ads account for the past year and has done a great job. The traffic to our site is more relevant and the ads are in a higher position on the search pages than when we did it ourselves. Marty, our account manager, is very responsive and helps us find ways to make our campaigns better. Go Logical Position!”

Lauren R.New York, NY

“When I was first contacted by LP, I was a bit skeptical. Would this really pay off in reduced costs of more sales for our company Silver Sport Transmissions? Well, Benjamin Hong has really delivered for us. He is prompt, he is attentive to our needs and he knows what he is doing. Our costs have been reduced and our effectiveness increased. I would certainly recommend LP to any company who deals with Google Ads.”

Jack S.Rockford, TN

“Allysa and Sarra are great and have completely transformed our Google Ads account resulting in more, higher quality leads. They have been a huge help to our business”

Alison S.Des Plaines, IL

“I had created my own Google Ads account and campaigns about 10 years ago. I had thought that I had done a great job over the years. Once I was convinced that I needed to have Logical Position's service providers take over the account, my quote requests had increased tremendously. They are all great to work with and I am very thankful that I chose Logical Position.”

Daryl S.Lititz, PA

“We started with Logical Position based on a recommendation from a fellow colleague who has had significant success with the agency. In our first month alone, we received more inquiries than ever before! In my business, this is a major WIN for a short sales cycle. I'm a big fan of Allysa Mousourakis especially since she was very patient and kind during our startup process. Logical Position has quickly become a must have partnership for my company. Make it one for your company as well!”

Belinda M.Las Vegas, NV

“Before I was even a customer, every time I talked with the Logical Position team on the phone I learned something new. I was an extreme newbie to Google Ads and honestly had no idea what I was doing. The team gained my trust because they saw that I needed help but never became "pushy" salespeople trying to go after my money. After signing up for an Google Ads contract with Logical Position, they completely rebuilt my entire account and looking back on the time I was trying to run this machine by myself, no wonder I wasn't seeing the results I wanted – we weren't working with the experts! My account manager, Meagan McCoy, takes the time to thoroughly answer my questions and has helped me become educated about the complex platform so I can explain the "Google Magic" to my leadership team who is monitoring our Google Ads program very closely. I can't say enough about the world-class team and customer service that Logical Position offers. I look forward to a very long term relationship with them!”

Sara L.Mansfield, MA

“I have used Logical Position for more than a year and they've done a phenomenal job so far. I would definitely recommend LP for anyone who is too busy or does not have a staff member with the knowledge and time to direct and track their Google Ads campaign.”

Grant C.New Orleans, LA

“Youssef and Allysa are such a pleasure to work with! They are very responsive and easy to reach whenever we want to bounce some ideas off them or have them teach us some tips. We trust Logical Position 100% with our Google Ads account because they always put our needs and our goals first. It's amazing having a great team of knowledgeable people working for you!”

Catherine B.New York, NY

“We've been working with Logical Position for almost a year. I had spent some time managing our Google Ads account before, but they really made a huge difference once they took over. They truly know their stuff. The most impressive thing about them is that they are always ready and willing to spend as much time as we need to understand what they've done and how everything works. Great company!”

Adrienne C.St. Petersburg, FL

“We are extremely satisfied with the talent and conscientious nature of the Logical Position team. They were referred to us with high regard to help establish and maintain a Google Ads campaign for our new Florida Real Estate Brokerage website. Our presence on the internet , thanks to carefully selected key words and lead statements, has created name recognition within the communities we service. It has also brought us great leads. When it came time to add additional features on our website, Logical Position worked hand in hand creating our website vision. Given the uniqueness of the primary community we service, features such as a link to multiple listing service and links to many years of model floor plans has proven to be very successful and quite the arduous task. As a result of that project, we have a great trust in our personal web designer. She has implemented many impressive layout changes and features from our existing website. Many of which we would not have considered. Logical Position makes website enhancements and marketing fun and stress free. We also found their fee's to be very reasonable, always a nice perk. Without hesitation we endorse this company as an invaluable resource for web design and internet marketing.”

Georgia P.Kissimmee, FL

“We met Logical Position after managing our PPC campaigns in-house for a few years and decided it was time for some help. I was a little concerned with going with someone that wasn’t local, that I couldn’t talk to face to face, but from our first contact with them I could tell they were professional and knew what they were doing. Our campaign was quickly and seamlessly set up, and within a very short time our click through rates went from below 1% to 5% and even more. The people we work with at Logical Position have been great! They are always quick to respond to any of our concerns – often responding back within minutes. Now that's customer service! We are a small company, with a small advertising budget and Logical Position understood that paying to be number 1 on the page isn’t always what makes sense. They work with us to get us traffic and placement while staying within our budget. For us, the “Logical Position” was a little lower on the search results so that we could better manage our limited budget. If you are looking for someone to help you manage Google Ads, I would recommend the great team at Logical Position!”

Miriam S.Kaysville, UT

“I just wanted to say how well your service worked. Before signing up with Logical Position, we had gotten very few clients directly from our website. After using you guys for just one month, we have had an increase in phone calls coming directly from our website. As a tent rental company, we are constantly trying to improve the public's awareness of our services. I believe Logical Position has done a great job to do just that.”

Zach M.Miami, FL

“Since we’ve been using Logical Position our sales have increased 33% thanks to the brand awareness they have created for us at Balloon Kings. They walked us through the process each step of the way offering suggestions and tips on how to be successful. We are particularly thankful for the personalized care they have shown us and makes us feel that they really care about our business. We owe a lot to Logical Position for helping our small business thrive!”

Gene N.New York, NY

“We're thrilled with the response of our ads and it's generated 200% growth in sales compared to this month last year!”

Dale P.Honolulu, HI

“Within two weeks of signing up for services with Logical Position, we saw a huge increase in website traffic and direct inquiries through our website. Additionally, the people coming to us via google searches have been well qualified potential clients, and thus far our booking rate with them has been unrealistically good- around 85%.”

Julia K.Tulsa, OK

“Your company has had amazing communication and we are very pleased! Whenever we are in need of changes or updates you guys make sure to take care of us. Not only are we happy from a service standpoint, but we are definitely seeing results come through on our end as well!”

Chris S.San Diego, CA

“The advertising has paid for itself and we are 100% satisfied!”

Capt. CoryMonterey, CA

“We have been getting a lot of newcomers and I always make sure to personally greet and welcome my visitors. I’ll ask how they found us and most people will say “well I went on Google, searched and you came up”. It makes me very confident in what you're doing when all a person has to do is use Google and there we are. I appreciate all the people you are bringing to the site!”

Theresa S.Lewistown, PA

“I am very pleased with your service. In the short amount of time I’ve been advertising with you guys, I’ve already booked 3 new clients. You are bringing me the exact clients I’m looking for and I’m very happy!”

Mae F.Missoula, MT

“I always appreciate your follow-up calls to assist me in monitoring the monthly results of the campaign. I remain very pleased with the results and this effort has generated many emails and/or calls that have translated into future business. This is probably the best investment I've made in regards to my advertising budget. I am blessed.”

RonLos Angeles, CA

“I have to say that I was confident that my approach with Google was solid. I stand corrected. With your help, the targeted ads, the geographic marketing, the trending, analysis, and adjustments… you have certainly earned your keep. Our Google Ads campaign is now getting better results at half the cost thanks to the structure and tweaks you have engineered. I was totally suspicious of paying for a marketing service, but I have to admit, you have more than paid for yourself. Thanks! Looking forward to another great year!”

Greg B.Stone Mountain, GA

“I cannot say enough great things about the staff and overall customer service at Logical Position. This group is wonderful to work with! They are transparent and send me monthly updates on how the service is doing. They are continually looking for ways to improve and provide better results. My representative even put me in touch with other professionals nearby! She just goes above expectation in terms of service and is actually very fun to chat with!! I am finally working with a company I TRUST and that I can see results from.”

Jessica P.Kihei, HI

“I've been coasting along for a few years, but recently upgraded my business capacity and it was time to find some new clients. Question was, how? Logical Position turned out to be exactly that for me, and now that my clientele has doubled after just a couple of months, it’s time to move into the future. My high retention rate for clients comes from an obsession with customer service, and it’s nice to deal with someone who has that same mindset.”

Brad K.San Jose, CA

“Oh my gosh I could not believe it, there was my Chapel at number 1 on Google! So exciting, I just love it! Thanks for your assistance you have been nothing short of the best customer service I have encountered in ages.”

Helen W.Coronado, CA

“I want to thank Logical Position for their amazing work. Not only has our customer inquiries increased, but we are getting phone calls from our competitors about the remarketing that your company has launched for us. Thanks to you we are being noticed quite a bit!”

Aubrie C.Belton, MO

“For a small business owner who does not have the time to handle their marketing, this is where your company has succeeded. With the month-to-month service you provide, it allows me to justify spending each month with you guys. The reports you send out along with the results that match have just been phenomenal. I really do appreciate everything Logical Position has done for me.”

Capt. V.K.Shady Side, MD

“My business is fairly new and small at the same time. I am very pleased with the response I have received through the advertising! I definitely have seen an increase in consistent traffic (especially after the holiday season) and this wouldn’t have been possible without you guys.”

Andrea O.Hendersonville, NC

“We can barely keep up with the phone calls and email inquiries about our summer camps and private lessons. Whatever you guys are doing has really boosted things for us! Please keep up the good work!”

Terrence S.Atlanta, GA

“I have had an amazing experience working with Logical Position! I wasn't seeing much business coming from our website and after turning down tons of calls from multiple marketing companies I decided to give the folks at Logical Position a shot. I decided to go with their lowest package for just one month because I was skeptical about it working. I am now 3 months in and have had so many phone calls that I have upgraded to their highest package. I have gotten so much new business from this that I will never look at another company! I have had the most excellent and personalized service from my representatives Samantha and Jessica. You guys are the best!”

Sam L.Pocasset, MA

“I would highly recommend the services of Logical Position! Their selection of graphics and design were exactly what I needed for my business. They were always responsive and patient, despite all of my constant requests and ideas.”

Ruth S.Forestville, CA

“I don't know what you guys did but it's working, our phone has been ringing off the hook. We just got a job that is going to pay for the whole year!”

Robert G.Austin, TX

“Great service, affordable, staff is friendly, and the VP of client services Matt Neely has been especially helpful. Thank you Logical Position!”

Danielle V.Salt Lake City, UT

“I can’t say enough GOOD about Ryan Sowards and Logical Position. I’ve owned my website since 2009, and until I had the very good fortune of finding your company, was convinced that most internet “experts” were all con-men. I have lost thousands of dollars to those who claimed they could increase my traffic and sales… and, quite simply…they all lied. I have to admit I only gave Logical Position a “last ditch effort” at best, to try and save my website from disappearing completely–figuring you couldn’t really deliver what you promised. Wow, was I wrong! I am beyond thrilled… beyond impressed… and, yes, Ryan Sowards made me a believer — Logical Position does what they promise. Because of the expertise and professionalism of everyone at Logical Position, traffic and sales to my website has done nothing but improve. Finally, my website is performing the way I knew it could, and it’s truly because of Ryan and Logical Position. I am forever grateful and look forward to the future!”

Cynthia M.Altamonte, FL

“I am extremely happy with the services Logical Position is providing for my company. I was hesitant about hiring another company to manage my Google Ads campaign due to the past experiences with companies not following thru with their promises. I truly am grateful that I found Logical Position! Despite how many times and how many changes I have tried to make you guys have patiently been with me every step of the way! Everyone that I have worked with at Logical Position has always demonstrated professionalism and great knowledge in this industry. Thank you for guiding me and making sure the best interest for my company was always paramount!”

Yeddy R.Miramar, FL

“The folks at Logical Position are professionals and know what they are doing. More importantly, they deliver what they promise. Our online sales took a radical curve after signing up for their service and we are pleased to see the quick result! Thank you!”

Zoltan S.Park City, UT

“We used to manage our own Google Ads account but it became too much for us to handle effectively in-house. We interviewed agencies on Google's approved vendor list and decided to use Logical Position as our PPC Management company. That was 4 years ago and I couldn't be happier with the attentiveness to detail and our budget constraints. I recommend them to anyone needing help with their online marketing!”

Bob W.Portland, OR

“I was a bit skeptical about hiring a company to build and manage our Google Ads campaigns and wasn't sure they would be able to understand our business well enough to build a successful Google Ads campaign. However, I'm very happy to report that I was wrong! Logical position was very diligent in its efforts to understand our business and create an Google Ads campaign that fit our needs. Nick was especially helpful with regular reviews and changes to our program which optimized our results. Now we are getting more calls for our services and we've only seen that increase since Logical Position began managing our campaigns.”

Ron K.Keego Harbor, MI

“I've used other companies for online marketing in the past but none of them have been like Logical Position. The leads are always consistent, their pricing model is transparent and fair and I know exactly where my money is going. The customer service is great too – second to none! Another benefit is that I'm always able to get in contact with my Account Manager Josh. I recommend Logical Position to anyone who is looking for online marketing help!”

Marrio R.Houston, TX

“When it comes to professionalism, web design, Google advertising campaigns, and extended services, Logical Position comes highly recommend. These guys do exactly what it says on the tin. My click-through-rate has risen fourfold, better than I would have ever expected, and their response time to any of my questions is instantaneous — that’s no exaggeration. Instead of waiting days for a question to be answered, you get an answer or resolve almost immediately. Logical Position defines online marketing. Thank you from over the pond!”

Kieran C.West Midlands

“It has been a pleasure working with Logical Position over the past year and a half! Joe and the rest of the team have been extremely responsive to all requests, including bi-weekly meetings as we began the relationship, as well as adding campaigns over time. I have received regular communication both via email reporting and phone calls. The performance of our campaigns continues to improve and a close eye is kept on my budget and cost per click. Overall I am very happy with Logical Position and would recommend their service without hesitation!”

Jeff M.Sunnyvale, CA

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