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The Growing Businesses Online Award honors expertise in helping clients get online, stay online, and grow online. 94 agencies applied for the award, and out of 8 finalists, Logical Position was presented with the win. Logical Position also qualified as a finalist for the Shopping Innovation award.


“The competitive landscape has definitely changed for small businesses. Larger companies have adopted more advanced marketing strategies, which makes it hard for the SMBs to keep up. It’s also difficult for smaller companies to stay on top of digital marketing trends and market fluctuations since they are usually working overtime to manage day-to-day operations. When these companies outsource their PPC management to a Google Ads SMB Partner with more experience, research, and tools at their disposal, they’re able to see much better results.”

-Michael Weinhouse, Founder & Co-CEO

What Being a Google Premier Partner Means for You

As a Google Ads Premier Partner, Logical Position has a large and loyal client base, as well as a team of trained and experienced Google Ads professionals. Our clients come to us because, as a Google Ads Certified Partner, we have the experience necessary to overcome challenging situations, and they can trust us to bring them the results they need to grow their businesses.

Google Premier Partner

You’ve probably heard the term “Google Partner” before. But what does it mean to be a Google Ads Premier Partner (formerly, the Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner program)?

Google Ads Premier Partners are Google Partners who have larger client bases, more experience, and have seen overall success with their strategies. Generally, these Google Ads Certified Partners are more established companies with commitments to excellence working with Google Ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Logical Position become a Premier Partner (PSP)?

After working with thousands of small businesses across the United States and Canada to provide excellent Google Ads management, Logical Position was seeing a high level of growth and success. Already a Google Partner company, we were recognized by Google for our quality accounts, well-trained staff members, and ambitious goals.

What are the advantages of working with Logical Position?

Premier Partners have the highest level of experience and proficiency in developing, launching, and managing Google Ads campaigns for local merchants and small businesses. Premier Partners also receive extensive product training, tools, and Google Ads support so they can stay abreast of the latest Google technology, saving you time and resources.

Can I expect different performance using Logical Position versus setting up an account by myself?

All Google Ads accounts have the same opportunity to achieve a high-quality performance regardless of who is managing the account; however, Premier Partners specialize in managing Google Ads accounts and may have proprietary resources to manage high-quality accounts. You need to consider whether you have the employees or staff to maintain a high-performing Google Ads account on your own or if you would prefer to pay an expert Google Ads Certified Partner to manage your account on your behalf.

What can I expect when working with Logical Position?

Logical Position’s number one goal is to help our clients be successful, but a close second is to provide transparent service. We know that our top-performing accounts see great results due to direct communication between Logical Position and the client. We work with each client closely throughout the sales, building, and management process so that we know we’re doing everything we can to help you.

What is the difference between Logical Position and a regular Google Partner?

It is much more difficult to become a Premier Partner than a regular Partner. When you work with Logical Position, a Google Ads Premier Partner, you’re working with a company that has held up to in-depth examination of building practices and account procedures. And with competitive pricing, high success rates, and transparent client service, why settle for less than the best?

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