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Businesses Giving Back During COVID-19

Businesses Giving Back During COVID-19

As we stand in the middle of a global pandemic, many businesses are implementing positive changes to their business practices. Of these companies, a few stand out as doing exemplary jobs serving their customers and communities. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on a few businesses doing some good during this time.


AT&T is reaching out to their customers and offering help in several ways. One of these is waiving any late fees for customers unable to pay their bills. AT&T also won’t be disconnecting any services at this time, and they’re offering unlimited data for devices and hot spots. Additionally, they have suspended Guam-based international charges, providing individuals who are traveling with the ability to connect with their loved ones.


Nike has spent millions of dollars in donations during COVID-19. They’re working with the World Health Organization as well as with several local response efforts around the world. In an effort to serve their community further, they’ve also donated thousands of face masks and shoes to health care workers around the globe.

Planet Fitness

This popular gym chain has taken the initiative to temporarily freeze billing for all members, and they have pledged to refund anyone who may have been billed mistakenly. To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to fulfill their workout needs at this time, Planet Fitness has released hundreds of free digital workouts that anyone can access, including live streams featuring celebrity appearances.


Cottonelle has launched their #ShareaSquare campaign, in which they encourage individuals to donate toilet paper to the needy. For each person who shares their donation on social media, the company pledges to donate $1. Additionally, they’re donating one million rolls of toilet paper during the next few months.


KFC has pledged to donate one million pieces of chicken to a variety of individuals, including first responders, frontline workers, and children. They’re also working to provide for their employees who may be struggling by giving them a combined total of $500,000 worth of groceries.


Comcast has pledged not to disconnect Internet services for anyone unable to pay their bills, and they’re providing unlimited data to all customers regardless of their plans. To keep everyone connected during this time, the Internet provider is also offering 60 days of free Internet to eligible new customers.

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