Google Announces Google Partners Program Updates

Google Announces Google Partners Program Updates

Google recently announced updates to their Google Partners program – Increasing partner requirements while offering better support to their partners. Learn more about which requirements are changing, the timeline around these changes, and how this impacts partners.

Updated Requirements

Google has announced new requirements to earn and retain the new Google Premier Partner Badge.

To be eligible for Premier status, companies will need to be in the top 3% of all partners based on a number of factors, such as:

  • Annual ads spend across managed accounts
  • Client growth
  • Client retention

Companies must also meet the following Partner badge requirements with Google:


Companies must maintain a 70 percent optimization score threshold – applying or dismissing recommendations based on their own assessments.


The spend requirement is to remain unchanged: 90-day ad spend of USD 10,000 across all managed accounts.


At least 50 percent of all account strategists should have a certification.

Google sent out these requirements in advance to a small group of current Premier Partners such as Logical Position.

Impact on Premier Partners

Google Premier Partners companies will now have access to advanced product training opportunities, a higher level of tech support, and enhanced industry insights and trends that will allow them to better serve their clients.


Google is offering a full year for partners to prepare and work to meet these new badge requirements—the new program officially launches in February of 2022.

While the new Google Partner badge will be available to companies who already meet the new Partner badge requirements starting in June 2021, the new Premier Partner badge will be available when the new program launches in February 2022.

Logical Position is well-positioned to continue serving clients as a Google Premier Partner when the new Premier Partner badge is available.

What This Means for Logical Position

Since the new Google Premier Partner badge will only be available to the top 3 percent of partners who meet the badge requirements, it will really help differentiate Logical Position in our industry. The added support from Google will directly correlate to additional revenue for our clients.

As a digital marketing agency specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click advertising, Google Ads lead generation, and much more, we are excited about these changes and eager to be working even closer with our partners at Google to better serve our clients.

For all of your digital marketing needs, contact Logical Position.

For more information, please visit Google’s support page about the program.

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