How Social Media and SEO Influence Each Other

How Social Media and SEO Influence Each Other

Investing in digital marketing is a necessity for a successful business with a robust digital presence. There is much discourse about the potential relationship between social media posting and search engine optimization rankings, which many companies are now beginning to explore. Learn more about how social media and SEO influence each other here.

Correlation Without Causation

Industry experts believe there is no direct impact between social media signals and SEO, but there is some notable correlation. Though there is no proven causation, that does not mean that certain factors do not contribute at all to the increase of rankings. The two digital marketing forms affect each other in these primary ways:

  • Increased brand exposure
  • Longer post and page lifespan
  • Growth in online visibility

How Social Media Can Affect SEO

Posting regularly on social media is excellent for building a brand personality and brand awareness. The more brand awareness a company builds, the more online visibility they obtain, which will positively impact their SEO efforts.

There are also multiple opportunities for businesses to link back to their website on their social media accounts. Here are a few examples:

  • Posting a link to a blog published on the company website on an Instagram story
  • Putting a link to the business’s homepage in an Instagram bio or Facebook business page
  • Bringing awareness to the website

How SEO Can Affect Social Media

SEO efforts and social media also go hand-in-hand in a different way. Building a more reputable and discoverable website can provide a platform to connect your social media accounts. Linking your social media pages to your website builds awareness and provides users with an easy avenue to find and interact with your socials.

Getting Started With SEO and Social

While there is no proven causation to connect how social media and SEO influence each other, there is still good reason to invest in both for your brand. If you run a company and are looking for a digital marketing agency that offers Facebook advertising campaign management and quality SEO campaign management services, look no further than Logical Position.

At Logical Position, we pride ourselves on our wide range of services and communication between teams that provide our clients with a well-rounded and holistic approach to digital marketing. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn more about what we can do to help you reach your goals.


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