How To Combine Traditional and Digital Marketing Techniques

How To Combine Traditional and Digital Marketing Techniques

Many businesses go all-in on either traditional or digital marketing. Many small companies find themselves more comfortable with the familiarity of traditional marketing, while startups often lean into digital marketing and avoid traditional means. The best way to grow a business steadily and sustainably is to learn how to combine traditional and digital marketing techniques.

Understand the Connection

When considering traditional and digital marketing for a business, you should understand how each influences the other. A few decades ago, people relied solely on traditional marketing to expose them to new products, services, and brands. Now, people require much more information to become interested. In the current digital age, information is more accessible than ever before, which leads consumers to complete more research on new brands.

How They Intertwine

Consider billboards. Companies still use billboards today, as they still see tons of traffic. When a person sees a billboard that strikes their interest, the name of the brand will likely stick with them. Then, they may go online and conduct a Google search to learn more about that brand and determine its legitimacy.

If a brand invests in a billboard but doesn’t run digital marketing campaigns, interested people may find it difficult to verify the legitimacy of the business or even find more information online. But if that business runs pay-per-click ads with target keywords related to the billboard, they can capture that audience after the initial billboard exposure.

Other Cross Sections

Traditional marketing intertwines with digital marketing in more ways than a simple billboard. For example, if your business attends trade shows, the people you meet may search your business online in the following days.

This also applies to other forms of traditional marketing. A single exposure to a brand is rarely enough to convert someone into a customer. They will likely look up a business online before making any decisions. Ensure your brand has a robust online presence.

Create a Targeted Campaign

To successfully incorporate traditional marketing with digital marketing, create a targeted campaign marketing to those who saw the traditional marketing efforts. With digital marketing, companies can set their keywords to include a local area and target specific locations.

Taking a holistic approach to marketing by incorporating both traditional and digital methods is the best way to grow a business and establish credibility within an industry and area.

Learn to Track

When you combine traditional and digital marketing, the way you track impressions and success shifts.

Tracking Basics

When tracking the success of campaigns through a blend of traditional and digital, look at Google searches for your brand and watch the growth before, during, and after the campaigns. Here are a few more tracking basics:

  • Analyze Google’s tracking of store visits to watch for increases
  • Target local keywords and build out local landing pages, then monitor the traffic on those pages
  • Monitor the online traffic to your site to analyze whether it coincides with your traditional marketing effort locations

Getting Started

There are many benefits to learning how to combine traditional and digital marketing for your business. Here at Logical Position, we understand how essential it is to invest in conventional and digital marketing while monitoring both.

Things are quickly turning to automation in the world of digital marketing, but a fully automated campaign may not serve a traditional marketing combination in the best way. We take a holistic approach to marketing and blend manual methods and automation to create a campaign that considers the whole picture. Contact us today for a free consultation and more information from a professional PPC marketing agency.


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