How To Create an Effective E-Mail Marketing Campaign

How To Create an Effective E-Mail Marketing Campaign

E-mail marketing is a lucrative investment for any business. It’s a low-risk way to build a lasting relationship with customers while developing your brand personality and making sales. Learn how to create an effective e-mail marketing campaign if you’re ready to take your business to the next level.

Determine Your Audience

Determining your audience and adequately segmenting it is the first step to ensuring your sends are effective. Once you build a list of subscribers through e-mail permissions, you should separate your customers into groups. Don’t send your manual e-mails to everybody from whom you have consent. An effective e-mail marketing campaign requires solid engagement. Look for open rates between 15 and 25 percent. Here are a few examples of potential segments:

  • VIPs
  • Repeat buyers
  • People who spent more than X amount
  • Potential purchasers and people who are actively browsing without purchasing

Engage Users Visually

E-mails are visual platforms. You have only a few seconds to capture your users’ attention before they decide if they’ll keep reading the e-mail or move on. Make your sends visually attractive. Here are a few basics to keep in mind regarding the layout:

  • Put your brand logo at the top of the e-mail and have it link to your home page.
  • Include navigation links to the most critical places on your website.
  • Communicate in both text and visuals.

Use copy in conjunction with graphics, but ensure the graphics are attractive and informative. Text and graphics should work together to tell the customer what the e-mail is about.

Make It Mobile Friendly

Customers open more than half of their e-mails on their mobile devices rather than on a desktop. This percentage changes and fluctuates depending on the state of the world and workforce, but mobile tends to hold the overwhelming majority of e-mail users. This means the text in your e-mails must be responsive and mobile friendly. Keep in mind that a long e-mail on a desktop looks significantly longer on mobile because of the screen shape and size. Keep your e-mails short yet engaging and informative.

If you’re ready to learn how to create an effective e-mail marketing campaign while working with experts who can ensure your success, contact Logical Position today for a free consultation on our targeted e-mail marketing. We work with hundreds of companies in a variety of industries to ensure their e-mail efforts pay off.

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