How To Optimize Your Site To Appear in Google’s Local Pack

How To Optimize Your Site To Appear in Google’s Local Pack

Google’s local pack is vital for businesses to show up, especially for local companies. There are many ways to ensure this happens. One of the most critical things is site optimization. Investigating how to optimize your site to appear in Google’s local pack is a very worthwhile venture for local businesses.

Focus on Local Keyword Targeting

The most invested businesses in the success of their local maps rankings are often service-based business or product-based businesses operating out of a brick-and-mortar location. These companies should target the towns and regions in their most important content to help convey the brand’s locality to Google.

In the early 2010s, Google first tied organic authority to map rankings. This change increased the importance of search engine optimization for local businesses. The better a website ranks organically, the better it ranks in Google’s local pack.

Keep Your Information Accurate

Google places importance on user experience, so it continuously searches for discrepancies in a company’s online information. Keeping your information updated and accurate is vital to maintaining good rankings in the local pack.

  • Update hours of operation when they change (including holidays.)
  • Ensure the description of what services or products you provide are accurate.
  • Check major directories for accuracy, not just your Google My Business listing.

Google checks the rest of the web to validate what companies say in their Google My Business listing. Therefore, they need to stay on top of any online directories that may have inaccurate information listed for the company.

Set Up Your Google My Business Page

Setting up a Google My Business page is essential to appear in the local pack. Add categories and ensure they’re kept accurate and concise. A Google My Business listing provides quick and easy access to customers looking to contact or visit your company. Providing the essentials such as phone number, website address, and brief description of your business is a great start. Still, there are many functions you can use to help optimize your business.

Companies can do many things to help their site appear in Google’s local pack. How to optimize your site to appear in Google’s local pack is often best left to professionals. Once Google tied organic authority to map rankings, SEO became paramount to local pack successes. Contact Logical Position today for a free consultation and more information on our local SEO packages.

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