How To Use Google Ads Data for SEO

How To Use Google Ads Data for SEO

Search engine optimization is something every business should invest in. SEO takes diligent effort and expertise but pays off in the long run by generating sustainable long-term organic traffic to your site. Improve your SEO by learning how to use Google Ads Data for SEO.

Trial and Error

The first thing to do to improve your SEO is to test the marketplace. Just because a search term has high volume doesn’t mean it converts. Research key terms in your industry that relate to your business and analyze which have higher conversion intent. Keyword intent is more important than search volume in a conversion-driven approach.

Helpful Hint: Look at what keywords your competitors are using to see if there is conversion potential. Try to target long-tailed keywords or “low-hanging fruit” with lower volume but higher conversion potential.

Manage Expectations

SEO is not going to yield amazing results overnight. It’s a slow and steady process that takes effort and continuous upkeep—but it’s well worth it. Over a span of five years, SEO is more cost-effective than pay-per-click ads because SEO yields lasting results, and each conversion isn’t paid for.

Helpful Hint: Even websites with outstanding organic rankings can still benefit from PPC ads. PPC offers immediate capturing of demand while SEO captures the long term and builds credibility—they make a great team!

Leverage Your Data

Think of the search results page as a shelf in the grocery store. Shelf-space is important for visibility. In a store, the product at eye level in a high traffic aisle gains the most conversions. In Google, the position your website is in for organic results, Google’s Local Pack, and Google Ads all contribute to the conversions you’ll see. The goal is to be more visible overall.

Understand Your Conversions

Use the data in Google Ads to tell you where you’re getting the most conversions from. This will inform what you should add to your site to increase conversions and SEO simultaneously. For example, you might need location landing pages to detail the services offered at each location. Your data will tell you what is best for your site.

For high-quality local search engine optimization services, PPC services, and more from a Google Premier Partner agency, contact Logical Position today. Our teams work together to ensure success for your business.

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