Logical Position Moves to Lake Oswego

Logical Position Moves to Lake Oswego

A tour of the new Logical Position in Lake Oswego just seems to go on and on, creating a labyrinth of offices.

That is because the company keeps growing. Despite an American economy that has not exactly been robust in recent years, Logical Position experienced 112 percent revenue growth over the past year. Its client base has doubled and its workforce rose by nearly 30 percent.

The full-service Internet marketing firm’s owners, Michael Weinhouse and John Ganey, are incredibly pleased.

“Logical Position is unique,” Weinhouse said. “We provide a high-quality service to small businesses. We let them compete with the big boys. A small business can begin with us for as low as $200 a month.”

Weinhouse, Ganey and company do this by helping businesses get better rankings on the Internet juggernaut Google and providing special business profiles on Facebook.

“We’re working with businesses all over the country,” Ganey said.

Some of Logical Position’s clients are big — such as the $700 million solar power giant Nesl. Other clients include McCoy Freightliners and Remotes.com. But by thinking small, Logical Position has gotten big since it started in 2009.

“We help service businesses like plumbers and electricians, e-commerce websites, car dealers, photographers, florists, real estate,” Weinhouse said. “We work with 40 different industries.”

“We don’t work with just one specific industry,” Ganey added. “That’s what makes us neat.”

Logical Position has grown so much that Weinhouse and Ganey purchased their new location in Lake Oswego, which can easily be designed for their expanding needs. Weinhouse is a lifelong Oregon resident who grew up in Portland and now lives in West Linn.

Ganey is from Hoosier country and was formerly living in Florida, but he felt he had to move to the Northwest two years ago to better help his growing company.

From a 1,200-square-foot office in Beaverton, the company now has a 30,000-square-foot office in Lake Oswego.

The future looks bright. Ganey and Weinhouse would like to double the workforce in the coming years and they are already looking at branch locations.

Logical Position has come up with a wise way for small businesses to market themselves on the Internet. To do anything else would be illogical.

Logical Position is located at 4350 SW Galewood St., Lake Oswego. For more information, call 855-818-4896 or visit logicalposition.com.

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