Logical Position Offers New Mobile Application

Logical Position Offers New Mobile Application

“As we developed it, we realized that every business owner could benefit from it,” said Palazzo, who is vice president of marketing for Logical Position.

This mobile app is something new because it combines search engine optimization, Google AdWords and Google Analytics. The app, called Logical Position Analytics, shows users how their websites are performing in search engines while also displaying how people are interacting with a website.

“It’s a big deal because we’re the first to let you combine your own information and allow insight into your competitors as well,” said Palazzo, who developed the graphic design of the app.

“You find out new versus returning visitors, and you find out how long people are staying,” said Mike Weinhouse, founder and CEO of Logical Positions. “Then you can see your top 10 competitors in the space. Until now it was one or the other. Ours bridges this information into one platform.”

The person who came up with this app is Tyler Conlee, development manager for Logical Position.

“The feedback about this has been great,” he said. “We’ve had no problems at all.”

“Tyler saw a need that fills a void,” Weinhouse said.

Logical Position likes to count the new features offered by the application:

The percentage of visitors that are visiting for the first time.

  • Top performing keywords
  • Counting the visitors within the last hour
  • Searching competitors by domain to understand details such as their target keywords
  • Call your Logical Position account manager with the push of a button

The app is a big step for the company, which has been in its Lake Oswego location for less than a year. It has made its mark and experienced rapid growth by providing quality service to small businesses.

“The creation of the app is our way of growing with our clients and always keeping them informed,” Weinhouse said. “In today’s fast-paced business world a competitive edge is a necessity for our clients to differentiate from their competitors.”

For more information about the app, go to logicalposition.com or call 503-855-818-4896. Logical Position is located at 4350 SW Galewood St. in Lake Oswego.

View article at Portland Tribune

Download the app from the iTunes store here

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