LP Client Dashboard Brings Transparency to Your Fingertips

LP Client Dashboard Brings Transparency to Your Fingertips

Taking care of our customers has always been a top priority for us at Logical Position. Sure, we answer your questions right away, continue to implement high-performing campaigns, and our CEO has been known to personally address client concerns. But we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, creating a new tool that will offer you access to account details with the touch of a button — increasing the level of customer service we’re known for.

As Google releases its new transparency policies mandating third party partners (participating agencies that have become “Google Partners,” of which we are proud to call ourselves) to disclose their management fees and provide clients with access to Google customer IDs, we are not feeling the heat that many other agencies must be feeling right now. That’s because last year we took a proactive step toward providing every single one of our clients with fully transparent insight into their accounts. This bold move was unheard of in many agencies, with only high budget accounts gaining access to that kind of information.

When Logical Position started in 2009, we identified a huge problem in the number of search engine marketing agencies that were not fully transparent with their small to medium-sized clients, many of which had lower budgets. There were scores of agencies that would put a huge amount of their clients’ budget in their own pockets without disclosing what was actually being spent on AdWords (or other digital platforms). They’d simply buy a few keywords and keep most of the funds for “management fees.” While some agencies were providing value (maybe not as much as their clients expected), the plain fact was that many clients were being misled.

Not only have we been combatting this by proactively providing our management fees to all clients since the beginning of 2014, we just released a new tool that will provide all clients, regardless of their size, access to real-time data from Google instead of needing to wait for us to compile a report. The tool is a dashboard for clients to log into that provides the type of account access and insight most agencies only provide to high dollar accounts.

If you haven’t seen the Client Dashboard yet, you can check it out here.

It’s unusual that small businesses with lower advertising budgets would have access to this level of information. Our new dashboard allows clients to see exactly how their campaigns are performing and precisely what their return on investment is. It also provides a direct connection to their account manager and access to call data resulting from advertising on Google (we can track and record calls generated from the advertisements). Since the dashboard’s launch, it has been working at a 99.07% uptime; without complaints or crashes.

We have always believed that transparency is the hallmark of quality customer service. Not only is it just the right thing to do, but it also keeps us on our toes, performing to the best of our ability for our clients. Today we are proud to announce that our new client dashboard brings transparency directly to your fingertips.

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