Most Common Facebook Ad Disapprovals and How To Avoid Them

Most Common Facebook Ad Disapprovals and How To Avoid Them

When advertising on Facebook, you may experience an ad getting flagged and taken down. Facebook has strict policies it requires advertisers to follow. An algorithm checks Facebook ads to ensure they follow the requirements, but since this is an automated process, it’s not always accurate. Learn some of the most common Facebook ad disapprovals and how to avoid them.

COVID-Related Ad Flagging

Almost anything related to COVID-19 can face flagging and deletion. Facebook does its best to minimize misinformation related to health, so it enforces a strict policy.

If you want to run ads for health-related PPE, especially face masks, Facebook requires the advertiser to have a four-month history running ads with them for other products.

Running ads for face masks, hand sanitizer, surface disinfectant products, and other COVID-related items can prove difficult— even advertisers with a four-month advertising history can get ads flagged. And even if your ads are for a clothing item like a pair of shorts, the ad may get flagged if your website also sells face masks.

If you think the ad getting flagged was a mistake, you can appeal the disapproval.


Facebook also has strict policies around advertising weapons. An ad selling something like a water bottle could get flagged by Facebook if the same business also sells weapons on their website.

This is especially true when weapons show up on the homepage or within three clicks of it. Even if you don’t advertise the banned products, you could still get flagged for selling them.

Beauty Products

Beauty products often get flagged for violating Facebook’s rules regarding “before” and “after” results. Facebook’s policy doesn’t allow these kinds of photos or transformations. Facebook considers “before” and “after” comparisons a form of false advertising about how well a product works or what it does.

When advertising beauty products, be very careful to claim facts and provide accurate information that fosters realistic expectations from consumers.

Assuming Ads

Advertisements that assume things about someone or someone’s situation can also get flagged. Here are some examples of things to avoid:

  • Assuming someone’s financial situation through advertisements for insurance products or services
  • Assuming a person’s financial well-being through ads for mortgage loans or other financial means

Avoid ads that target certain people by any personal attributes, such as sexual orientation, financial status, race, background, medical status, or other factors.

Sometimes ads get flagged on accident, and you can undertake the process to appeal this—but be cautious when you get multiple flagged ads. If your ads get flagged often, you can get banned from advertising on Facebook. Flags also contribute to page quality scores, and if that drops, Facebook can shut down your entire page.

The best way to avoid frequent advertising flags is to work with experienced professionals, like the team at Logical Position, a Facebook Global Partner. Contact us today for a free consultation on our paid social media marketing services.


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