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National Small Business Week: Why Our Small Businesses Stand Out

National Small Business Week: Why Our Small Businesses Stand Out

Logical Position (LP) loves all of the clients we serve, both large and small. But since this is National Small Business Week, we wanted to highlight what makes our small business clients stand out.

Small and medium sized businesses (SMB) make up over 80% of our clients here at LP. If that number surprises you, bear in mind that in the U.S. alone, there are 28 million small businesses. Nearly half of all Americans are employed by small businesses, and these businesses contribute roughly half of the total U.S. GDP. The combined power of small businesses in the U.S. is a force to be reckoned with. Here’s why small businesses make our world go around.

Small businesses are at the heart of LP—at our core, these businesses are who we primarily serve. They stand out to us because it’s with them that we are making the biggest difference. Behemoth companies have lots of employees on the payroll—adding one more or even a whole team to manage the Google Ads is just a drop in the puddle for them. But for a small business with only a few employees, adding one additional person can be monumental.

That’s where LP comes in—small businesses can outsource their pay-per-click advertising to us to help free up their plate. We not only improve PPC results, but also provide detailed reporting, explanations, and insights into the changes we make in accounts. We maintain transparency so the account owners are always aware of what’s going on and have a say in the process. In doing all this, we give small business owners time back in their day to focus on what’s important: running their business.

While we do love working with businesses of all sizes, this week we applaud small business owners. Running a business is no easy task, but here at Logical Position, we like to think we make it just a little easier.

Happy National Small Business Week!

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