Reasons Your Amazon Ads Aren’t Showing Up

Reasons Your Amazon Ads Aren’t Showing Up

Amazon is a massive platform where most brands are flocking to develop a following. The e-commerce giant has a robust customer base. Amazon sellers that thrive do so by investing correctly in advertisements on the platform. If you invest in Amazon ads, but they are not showing where or when they should, there could be an underlying issue. Check out the most common reasons your Amazon Ads aren’t showing up.


When Amazon Ads are not showing up as expected, one of the most prevalent issues is bidding issues. The issues could stem from the underlying bid or even from the top of search bid placement.

Your Top of Search Bid Adjustment Is Too Low

Top of search bid adjustment is the controlling factor for brands to show up in the first four search result spots. Increasing your top of search bid adjustment is a great way to ensure your ads show up. The best strategy is to aim for your top of search bid adjustment be at least 50%, but it might require a bid up to 500% to dominate a search result.


Targeting is critical to how your Amazon Ads show up. Without a specific keyword built out, there is no guarantee that you’ll show up consistently on high value searches. One of the most significant issues with targeting on Amazon is brands relying entirely upon automation.

Amazon offers automation, which can be a beneficial tool, but it is not developed enough yet for businesses to rely upon it entirely.

Another targeting issue could be negative keywords. For example, a brand could have a negative or exact match keyword where it should not.

Buy Box

If your specific listing does not have the Buy Box, you cannot advertise that product. The Buy Box is a significant factor in Amazon Advertising. It is not uncommon to lose a Buy Box. Here are a few examples of why your products could lose their Buy Box:

  • Listing a lower price on your website than on your Amazon storefront
  • Acquiring a significant amount of negative reviews on that product or your seller page
  • Another seller listing the same product at a lower price

Product Disapprovals

If Amazon disapproves a listing, the brand cannot run an advertisement for that product. Here are some common reasons you can get disapproved on Amazon:

  • The product is not shipping in a timely fashion
  • The brand is not providing package tracking
  • The brand regularly ships the wrong product or a damaged product

Seller health and seller reviews also factor into the disapproval process. Check on your reviews and your overall logistics if you are concerned about your ads showing.

How To Get Started

Ensuring your Amazon Ads show up is essential to your brand’s growth and success on the platform. Amazon’s advertisements factor into the organic rankings on the site as well. Understanding the reasons your Amazon Ads aren’t showing up is essential.

For all your Amazon Ad needs, Logical Position is here to help. We employ professionals with a deep understanding of the best practices on Amazon. Contact us today for a free consultation on our Amazon paid ads management services.

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