The Advantages of a Dynamic Remarketing Campaign

The Advantages of a Dynamic Remarketing Campaign

There are numerous options to help catapult your business to its goals when it comes to digital marketing. One of the most effective forms of marketing is investing in a dynamic remarketing campaign. This form of marketing helps to boost your conversions and reconnect with potentially lost customers. Read on to discover more about the basics and the advantages of a dynamic remarketing campaign.

Dynamic Remarketing: The Basics

A remarketing campaign is a highly targeted form of pay-per-click advertising which focuses on users that previously visited your website. Dynamic remarketing takes targeting to a new level and provides companies the opportunity to tailor messaging and images to the exact products or pages specific users previously visited.

It is an effective and profitable form of marketing when run with intention and skill. Here are the most notable advantages of a dynamic remarketing campaign:

  • It rekindles lost connections
  • It is highly optimizable
  • It offers more revenue with higher efficiency

There are plenty of benefits to investing in a dynamic remarketing campaign for your business—big or small.

It Rekindles Lost Connections

When you invest in dynamic remarketing, you invest in the relationships and longevity of your customer relationships. It can work to recapture potential conversions that got away previously and helps to reinvigorate a robust relationship with previous customers.

While your brand is likely at the front and center of your mind most days, your customers may not think about it nearly as much. Remarketing puts your brand in the forefront of your customers’ minds with images and text that appeal to their likes and needs. Just be sure that you limit how often you serve ads to avoid annoying your customer base and ensure you are not targeting users who have already purchased, unless you receive a high volume of repeat business. Here are some ways it helps reengage users.

It Reminds Users of the Exact Product

Dynamic remarketing ads serve to remind users of the exact product that they previously viewed or abandoned in their cart. Life happens, and there are many reasons why a person may not complete the checkout process on your website.

There are also different stages in the buying cycle. Perhaps the user needed a few more days to think about the decision to purchase. It is also possible they meant to check out and got distracted and forgot about it.

No matter the reason the user did not initially complete the purchase or start a checkout, a remarketing ad shows them that exact product, triggering their memory and often enticing them enough to click on the ad and get shepherded back to your site.

It Brings Users To the Exact Product Page

When a user sees a remarketing ad and clicks on it, the hyperlink brings them right back to the page they previously viewed. These ads are so effective because they lead the consumer right to what they want and simplify the entire shopping process.

Dynamic remarketing ads land users directly on the product pages of the products they previously viewed or added to their carts. Other, less targeted ads may lead users to product scrolls or other landing pages not tailored to their exact interests, which leaves more room for the user to lose steam on their purchase again.

With dynamic remarketing ads, the user has the most seamless experience possible.

It Is Highly Optimizable

Dynamic remarketing ads are highly optimizable. There are many options for remarketing strategies that allow for hyper-optimization and targeting. These campaign types are ideal for a very granular approach to marketing as they allow for tons of customizations. Tailoring ads to each user is highly effective and ensures your customers get ads that pique their interests.

It Leverages Existing Images

Another benefit of dynamic remarketing PPC ads through Google is the ability to leverage existing product images from your product feed. There is no need to create additional banners with this PPC type. This saves your team time and money on banner creation and set up and keeps the consumer experience easily recognizable and seamless.

With dynamic remarketing, you can pair your product feed which allows you to scale your ads to cover the entirety of your inventory.

Google Can Easily Optimize

Dynamic remarketing ads are easy for Google to optimize. This easy optimization means you enjoy maximum reach across a variety of advertisement sizes and placements on the platform. Through the use of enhanced cost-per-click and the conversion optimizer, Google Ads figures out the best possible bid for individual impressions for you.

It Offers More Revenue With Higher Efficiency

Google remarketing dynamic search ads generate more revenue at a higher efficiency than other remarketing ad types. This highly targeted ad type yields results because it is specifically tailored to each users’ interests and needs.

For example, if a person looked at a pair of white socks on your website and did not add them to the cart nor check out, that could easily turn into a lost sale. If you invest in dynamic remarketing ads, that same potential customer may see a highly targeted ad with the exact socks that they were interested in. That user may remember the socks at that moment and click on the ad, completing the purchase of the socks.

High Conversion Rates

When users see content tailored to their exact needs, they are much more likely to click on that advertisement. When companies curate their ad copy and images to the interests of the individual user, they often enjoy much higher conversion rates.

With dynamic remarketing, Google serves ads to users based on the exact pages and products they already displayed an active interest in.

Low Cost-Per-Click

Another main benefit of these ad types is the minimal cost-per-click. Compared to other remarketing ad types on Google and other ad types on Google, the cost-per-click for dynamic remarketing ads is objectively lower.

Getting Started: How Logical Position Can Help

There are countless reasons to invest in these high-performing ads for your company. The advantages of a dynamic remarketing campaign are truly endless when experts run the campaign. Here at Logical Position, we proudly set up our clients with successful PPC campaigns. As a professional search marketing agency and Google Premier Partner, we have the industry knowledge and strategy to help your brand meet its goals. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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