Thinking Bing Part I: 4 Big Reasons to Add Bing to Your Marketing Portfolio

Thinking Bing Part I: 4 Big Reasons to Add Bing to Your Marketing Portfolio

Are you ready to take the next step with your digital marketing? Bing searchers are waiting for you.

1.) Your Customers Are Already Using Bing

With over 167 million users, the Yahoo-Bing-AOL network comprises 31% of all online search volume. For verticals like Financial Services, Bing comprises an even larger percentage of traffic than Google, while in several other verticals, ad impressions on Bing and AdWords are comparable (see this Search Engine Chart for more).

Bing likes to cite stats from its own research, including that its combined network reaches 56 million users not reached by Google and that Bing searchers spend 24% more time online than average internet users. Plus, Yahoo Bing users on average are 25% more likely to complete a transaction on your site.

What do all the statistics mean to you? They mean that yes, your potential customers are using Bing, and yes they are searching actively for your business. If your brand is not out there, those searchers are not going to find you.

2.) Your Competitors Are Already Using Bing

It stands to reason that if so many people are using Bing regularly, those people must be getting satisfactory enough results— and if it is not your business they are finding, they must be finding your competition.

If you think that statement is an exaggeration, consider this: Search Engine Land found that 55% of AdWords advertisers were also advertising on Yahoo Bing. Your business may be a better fit to the needs of your target audience, but your competitors will still win those customers over if you are not even in the game.

And what if you find your fiercest competitors are not on Bing? This is what business people might call a ‘blue ocean’: You have a wide open opportunity to gain market share just by starting tasteful and well-targeted Bing campaigns.

3.) Cortana and Siri Are Using Bing

If you are wondering whether Bing is expanding its user base, the answer is Yes. Bing has been particularly aggressive in trying to move up in the search world, and their default integration with Windows and Apple iOS reflects that. Both Cortana (Windows) and Siri (iPhone) are voice-activated, so you can get Bing results just by talking into your phone or computer. (Windows mobile phones also use Cortana, not just the desktop.)

Users of course have the option to change the default setting to Google or whatever their preferred engine is, but the people at Bing are betting that new users will like the results enough to not go through the switching process.

As a high-quality advertiser on Bing, you help both you and the Bing network grow. And that is a win-win situation.

4.) Bing Results Can Be Very Affordable

Cost-Per-Click (CPCs) on Bing can cost 30% less than Google CPCs­— on some searches, Bing CPCs cost over 50% less. That means gaining audience on Bing can be very affordable, and you have a good chance in many industries of realizing lower costs per lead or conversion (CPA). It also means that an investment in Bing of only a few dollars per day really can be enough to start seeing results.

If you are looking to take your marketing to a new audience, now is the time to start thinking Bing!

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