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Unique Content- Your Ace in the Hole for SEO

Unique Content- Your Ace in the Hole for SEO

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “content is king” when referring to content creation for your SEO campaign.  Although when playing your hand in SEO, I’d argue unique content creation is more like an ace than a king.  It trumps all other cards.  Let’s take a closer look:  

Google, who owns 70% of the current search market share, puts an added emphasis on user experience in their rapidly adapting algorithms.  They want real content in the search results. Their highest priority is to ensure these search results which rise to the top of their precious rankings are, in fact, good for the searcher.  It makes complete sense, Google wants their users to be repeat customers of their search tool, thus providing relevant and high quality content becomes imperative.

Most individuals who have dove into SEO understand the importance of basic content, however since the Panda updates first started rolling out in February 2011, the seriousness of the situation was not fully appreciated.  Panda penalized sites for low quality content or duplicate content. The ramifications are still being felt to this day, in a big way.  The fact that a weak part of a website (low content or duplicate content), could affect the overall health of a site was shocking to most, an eye opener and had many site’s 1st page positions in a freefall.  Take into account 95% of all duplicate content being unintentional, many were caught off guard by this update.  

Do you need a blog?  It is the easiest, most effective and most importantly organic way to add user friendly content to your site.  If relevant content creation on the pages of your site you wish to rank for is the meat, than a regularly updated blog is the potatoes.  Together they should unequivocally be a part of your content strategy for an SEO campaign.  Building great content and keeping it topical is critical to SEO.  

At the end of the day, remember to educate the visitors to your site!  Google is watching, potential customers are watching and repeat customers are coming back for more.  Use your ace, leave the other cards in the deck.  

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