Why You Should Hire an Agency To Run Your Facebook Ads

Why You Should Hire an Agency To Run Your Facebook Ads

Social media is a staple for digital marketing efforts that focuses on branding, brand awareness, and growth. Businesses need to create and maintain a strong social media presence to add to the brand’s credibility, create engagement opportunities, and connect with customers and potential customers.

Everybody is on social media. While which platform varies by audience type and content must adapt to various platforms, nearly every person has at least one profile on a social media website or app. The audience on social media is unmatchable by any other form of digital marketing media.

The majority of audiences are on Facebook platforms. Facebook’s apps appeal to the broader public and hold niches within each app for different demographics, creating the most expansive audience potential of any social media website. If a business chose to invest in paid social media ads, it should invest in Facebook. Discover why you should hire an agency to run your Facebook ads.

It Saves Time

Running a successful Facebook ad campaign takes time and expertise. When you’re busy running your company, you might not have time to invest in the Facebook Pixel. A Facebook ad campaign is a big project that can yield excellent results when done correctly.

For a Facebook ad campaign, you need:

  • High-quality creative images, gifs, videos, and more
  • Crafted ad copy and branded content
  • Knowledge of the Facebook Pixel and the delayed attribution window
  • Problem-solving techniques for disapproved ads and negative engagement

These are just the basics of what a Facebook Ad campaign requires for success. This process takes time to set up initially. Monitoring the performance of the ads once they’re running is also crucial to success. The target audience may need adjusting, or you may need to test ad copy to find which is the most effective.

Pro Tip: Investing time and energy into ads is vital on social media since your ads reflect your business’ quality. From seeing your ads, people will develop an idea of what kind of service or product quality and customer service to expect from your brand.

It Ensures Quality

Companies take pride in what they do. Whether they provide a quality product, high-quality services, or outstanding customer service, businesses want their customers to know they’re the best. The best way to communicate your business’s quality to customers is to invest in the quality of your communications with them.

A social media ad is often the first exposure a person will have to your brand. First impressions are of the utmost importance, which is why quality is so central to ads.

Quality Creative

The most significant part of a social media ad is the creative attached to it. Here are some examples of creative:

  • Photo
  • Gif
  • Video
  • Graphics
  • Any visual piece of the ad

The creative part of the ad is what must catch the audience’s eye initially. The person viewing an ad must first find the creative interesting enough to stop and look at it if they’re to move along in the process and read the ad copy.

The number one issue in ad campaigns is poor creative. Social media is an incredibly visual platform, especially when it comes to Facebook and Instagram. Your ad’s visuals must match or exceed the quality of image your audience is used to seeing from other ads, people, brands they follow.

To ensure your content has the potential to receive attention from your target audience, you need to invest in your graphics. A professional graphic designer well-versed in the expectations of social media ad creative should create deliverables for your ads.

Quality Ad Copy

Once your ad’s high-quality creative aspect entices a person, they will read the ad’s copy. Quality ad copy will:

  • Fit branded language and brand personality
  • Follow grammar rules
  • Be easy to read and comprehend
  • Be short, direct, and call-to-action oriented

When a professional social media agency writes a company’s ad copy, they ensure the copy has a clear and concise call to action. They also ensure it reflects the brand’s personality while following grammatical guidelines.

One of the most common pitfalls of a self-run social media ad campaign is grammatical issues and wordy copy. These two issues can jeopardize the trust between the audience and the brand. With so many fraudulent companies advertising to social media audiences, any sign of incorrect copy will lead to mistrust. People are unwilling to take a risk and click on an ad with misspelled words, poorly placed commas, or incomplete sentences for fear of a scam. Proofreading and intentional writing are fundamental to ad campaigns. 

Correct Audience Segmenting

Audience segmenting helps ads perform by putting them in front of the right people. Finding the right target audience is essential to ad performance and is done through market research and insights. Getting in front of the right audience gives your ads a chance to perform to their full potential.

One of the most important things to remember is that people can comment, share, and interact with the ad publicly on social media. When your ad gets in front of the wrong audience, there’s potential for negative engagement—which can hurt the ad and your brand.

A social media ad company knows the necessary research to ensure the audience segmentation is effective and reaches the right people.

Consistent Branding

Branding is the focal point of all social media, paid and organic. To establish a strong brand personality, your messaging should match in tone and style. Consistency is key to branding.

When you go with a digital marketing agency, you can connect all of your channels to ensure the branding is consistent. Use the same style of messaging across platforms.

For example, when working together, social media and email marketing can help build a strong brand presence and personality.

It Provides Insight

Working with an agency such as Logical Position means you’re getting a sizable team of professionals who are highly experienced in social media ad campaigns. This agency is a partner that works to grow your business with you.

The team works to continuously evaluate the campaign’s performance and make adjustments along the way through testing and segmentation. This process ensures the ads are as effective as possible.

It’s More Cost-Effective

While the initial cost of going with an agency may seem more costly than running it yourself, many companies find it much more cost-effective over time. A social media ad company is always working to improve the campaign and ensure its success.

If anything goes awry in a social media ad campaign, it equates to wasted ad spend. Some example include whether the ad:

  • Gets in front of the wrong audience
  • Contains poorly crafted ad copy
  • Is lacking in creative

These or any other common issues that can happen during a social media ad campaign lead to wasted money on ads that aren’t converting. With Logical Position, we take a conversion-driven approach to our campaigns and work to reach your goals.

It’s More Than Just an Ad Campaign

When you decide to hire Logical Position as your social media advertising company, you’re getting more than just an expertly crafted ad campaign—you’re getting a partner. We work with you and communicate every step of the way to ensure your goals are outlined, understood, and achieved.

We’re a proud Global Facebook Partner agency. We have a close relationship with Facebook, which allows us to stay up to date on changes on the platform and gain access to additional resources through the partnership.

With us, you get a dedicated copywriter, talented graphic designers, an account manager, and an entire team working behind the scenes to design an ad campaign that works for your business.

Another benefit of working with Logical Position is our ability and experience in a wide range of industries. We’ve worked with over 900 clients in all different types of industries. We collaborate with our email marketing, pay-per-click, and other teams that your business invests in to ensure your messaging is consistent across all platforms. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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