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Shelley West
Design Manager

In 2012, I started my journey at Logical Position. I began as a web designer and started our Creative Services department. Throughout the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to play a hands-on role in building an entire department, now home to 12 Creative Services employees. Now, as Graphics Manager, I lead our graphic design team in the creation of display ads, logo designs, branding, and various creative projects for both our clients and internal endeavors.

Office Environment

Working alongside talented and motivated people makes Logical Position such a fun place to work. I treasure coming to work each day, knowing I’m supported by a community filled with diverse backgrounds and infinite knowledge I can grow and learn from. Sharing an open environment with all departments creates a work experience where we can challenge each other in great ways to reach goals for ourselves and our clients.

Encouragement to Succeed

To watch a company grow before your eyes is a special experience. To actually be a part of that growth is beyond words. Logical Position has rewarded me with incredible opportunities to expand my passion for design in web, print and graphics. I’m lucky to work with a management staff who see all employees as equal, and truly value any idea brought to the table.

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