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How Cushion Lab Earned Revenue of $400K per Month

Monthly Ad Spend: $25,000

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California-based Cushion Lab (CL) offers several kinds of pillows and cushions that are both comfy and eco-friendly. The company manufactures and distributes award-winning ergonomic memory foam pillows and bedding customers appreciate for their unparalleled comfort. CL reimagined everyday products, perfecting the ergonomics of pillows and cushions in all shapes and sizes while using recycled materials to protect the planet. But having a great (and comfy) product doesn’t guarantee big sales.

Key Metrics

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Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

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Monthly Revenue Increase

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Increase in YouTube Ads impressions

Case Study - Cushion Lab

“Cushion Lab’s business is to ease pain points and make people comfortable. That’s how we feel about the work Logical Position does for our digital marketing. They’ve given us peace of mind with regular reports, so we know our accounts are continually generating sales on behalf of the business.”

— Mike, Founder, Cushion Lab

Why Logical Position?

Being a relatively new brand, Cushion Lab ran their own pay per click (PPC) campaigns in-house before seeking help from an agency partner. Their business was growing, but they didn’t see adequate results from their digital marketing efforts. They wanted to achieve a target return on ad spend (ROAS), they signed on with LP to attain greater efficiency and scale their business.

Our Strategy

LP started with a manual account build to gain granular insights on performance. That included segmenting their campaigns by single product ad groups to isolate the success of top-performing products and campaigns, along with laggers and non-performers.

Case Study - Cushion Lab

Maintaining control and close oversight enabled greater efficiency as we grew the brand. We committed to testing, always testing, and trying new strategies and approaches to marketing. LP sticks with a build, but never gets stuck! Cushion Lab also lent itself well to marketing on YouTube. We raised brand awareness and scaled the brand further through informational videos and viewing audience testing.


Cushion Lab has seen great results from the time they came onboard through February 2022–a record month! Since working with LP, CL has increased monthly revenue by 627%, from $55K to $400K per month. ROAS went from 3.74 to a healthy 5. With that growth, we expanded Cushion Lab’s presence to other ad platforms. We created more video content to reach new markets, seeing a 610% increase in impressions and 237% rise in conversions, and 292% upsurge in revenue on YouTube. The company likewise grew, giving greater stimulus toward new product development. All in all, Logical Position gave Cushion Labs the marketing and sales support they needed!

Case Study - Cushion Lab

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