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An 819% Increase in Leads Earns Winning Google Premier Partner Award Honors

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Google Premier Partner Awards

October 27th, 2022, New York City — Logical Position wins the coveted Lead Generation Award at the Google Premier Partner Awards for their work with Dimov Tax & Consulting! Since 2017, Dimov has trusted Logical Position to consistently push the envelope on growth and scale. Originally launching with 1/100 of what is the current marketing budget, LP has increased leads by 819%.


Dimov Tax and CPA Services (Dimov) has delivered top-notch accounting and tax services to businesses and individuals for over 12 years. Reviews from current clients are glowing, but Dimov Tax wanted to grow their client-base and needed a marketing strategy that went beyond word of mouth. They also faced the challenge of being a seasonal business, which limited their ability to take on new clients during the busy times of years.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Total Number of Leads

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Increase in Conversions

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Year-On-Year Revenue Growth

Case Study - Dimov Tax

“We made a goal of growing, but we weren’t sure how to do it outside of the busy tax season. Logical Position helped us find clients the rest of the year so we could retain the skilled staff we acquired during the busier times.”

— George Dimov, President, Dimov Tax and CPA Services

Why Logical Position?

When Dimov originally signed on with LP in 2017 with a modest budget, they were looking for an advertising partner to help them attract and retain new clients for the annual tax season. LP achieved that and more, but Dimov faced a barrier to growing their clientele. They wanted to scale, but didn’t have enough business outside peak tax season to sustain the staff needed during the annual tax season. As a result, they often turned business away in the Spring. As advertising partners, Logical Position needed to find a way to win year-round tax business.

Our Strategy

Building relationships with customers through email, over the phone, or in person is a complex process. Not only can that be difficult to capture within a Google Ads strategy it can also take up valuable staff time. This means that high-quality leads ready to convert with high AOVs are significantly more valuable than a high volume of vague, lower quality leads.

Case Study - Dimov Tax

To ensure we invested every dollar on users and queries most likely to drive high-quality leads, we created an offline conversion tracking (OCT) implementation with the client’s Zapier program. This allowed us to see closed leads and the revenue associated with them.

Although Zapier couldn’t match back 100% of the data, the partial data retrieved was still useful to gain directional insight into what was working for Dimov.

We then paired this insight with smart target cost per acquisition (tCPA) bidding. Arming the algorithm with this extra layer of data helped it to bid aggressively on users and queries that were most likely to deliver high quality leads.

Finally, we supported tCPA’s ability to win clicks from these users by building robust responsive search ads (RSAs) which used automation to determine the optimal combination of headlines and descriptions on an individual user basis.

Our strategic approach to data capture, smart algorithmic bidding, and AI-informed ad copy generation was an award winning mix for Dimov increasing both lead volume and revenue.


Adoption of automation during tax season led to incredible year on year growth numbers. In a year over year comparison from March 28 through April 15 2022, we grew our investment in Google by 855%, from $9,539 to $91,186. This investment generated a nearly proportional increase in leads, with total leads jumping from 203 to 1,866 or 819%.

Case Study - Dimov Tax

This incredible growth forced Dimov Tax to significantly increase their staff, which was the only barrier to additional account growth. As indicated by our lower impressions, click share data, and CPAs well under our targets, we scaled the account down to prevent an unsatisfactory experience for Dimov’s client relationships.

Moving out of the tax season, it was vitally important for us to sustain significant year to year growth so that Dimov Tax could retain all the talent they hired during the busy season. Retaining this talent year-round enables us to hit our target of $300k invested over the same three-week period by next March.

Case Study - Dimov Tax

To retain staff we need at least 50% revenue growth YOY with a maximum investment of $90k per month in Google Ads.

By expanding our targeting and reallocating the budget to emphasize more year-round tax services, we’ve been able to accomplish this goal so far. May 1 through June 16, 2022, our year-on-year costs have increased from $23k to $118k, an increase of 417% and our leads have increased proportionally, jumping from 379 to 2,000–a 428% increase.

None of this would have been possible without tCPA’s ability to take broad tax queries and find the users with the highest likelihood of generating a hyper-relevant lead. By combining tCPA with audience signals via customer match and OCT we could be sure that automation had all the signals possible to succeed.

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