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How LP Helped Dimov Tax and CPA Services Achieve an 819% Increase in Leads

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Dimov Tax and CPA Services (DTCS) has delivered top-notch accounting and tax services to businesses and individuals for over 12 years. Reviews from current clients are glowing, but DTCS wanted to grow their client-base and needed a marketing strategy that went beyond word of mouth. They also faced the challenge of being a seasonal business, which limited their ability to take on new clients during the busy times of years.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Total Number of Leads

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Increase in Conversions

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Year-On-Year Costs Increased ($23k to $118k)

Case Study - Dimov Tax

“We made a goal of growing, but we weren’t sure how to do it outside of the busy tax season. Logical Position helped us find clients the rest of the year so we could retain the skilled staff we acquired during the busier times.”

DTCS Tax and CPA Services

Why Logical Position?

DTCS was looking for an advertising partner to help them attract and retain new clients outside of the annual tax season. While DTCS excelled at taxes and other CPA duties, advertising and audience building weren’t part of their skill set. Right out the gate, in September 2021, LP rebuilt the account in accordance with new lead generating standard operating procedures (SOPs), which refocused their marketing budget away from general purpose tax keywords and more on keywords reflecting year-round CPA duties and services. Almost immediately, leads went up 150% while costs only increased by 35%. Among these, DTCS received fewer general questions about tax preparation and more specific queries from businesses requiring year-round support in taxes and accounting. But that was just the beginning.

Our Strategy

Case Study - Dimov Tax

LP took a multi-pronged approach to the account. To start, we set up offline conversion tracking (OCT) with the client’s Zapier program to capture all the available lead data impacted by our campaigns. Then we got to work targeting high quality search queries to drive the most qualified leads to our ads. The data retrieved helped us gain directional insight into what worked well for DTCS and what did not, so we could pivot as necessary. Once we had a solid baseline, we paired these account builds with smart target cost per acquisition (tCPA) bidding to fully scale the account. Arming the algorithm with this extra layer of data helped it bid aggressively on users and queries most likely to convert on the audience we were targeting. Finally, we supported tCPA’s ability to win clicks by building robust responsive search ads (RSAs) which used automation to discover the best combination of headlines and descriptions for individual users.

Our strategic approach to data capture, smart algorithmic bidding, and AI-informed ad copy generation was a winning mix for DTCS, increasing both lead volume and revenue.


The results have been staggering. In large part, the adoption of automation during the tax season enabled the account to sustain itself throughout the rest of the year. Our investment in Google grew by 855%, from $9,539 to $91,186, and with total leads jumping by 819%.

Case Study - Dimov Tax

DTCS expanded their staff, so we scaled down the account as we moved out of the tax season. Sustaining significant year to year growth ensured DTCS could retain all the talent they hired during the busy season, but they needed at least 50% revenue growth YOY with a maximum investment of $90k per month in Google Ads.

By expanding our targeting and reallocating the budget to emphasize more year-round tax services, we accomplished this goal so far. Our year-on-year costs have increased from $23k to $118k, an increase of 417% and leads increased proportionally, jumping from 379 to 2,000–a 428% increase.

Seeing strong performance during the normally lean winter months, Logical Position pitched DTCS on a big strategic risk: Bring on more staff and max out volume during tax season. This would accelerate growth for the business and we could now sustain enough business during the leaner months for DTCS to retain staff.

The results speak for themselves. DTCS had their best tax season ever in 2022, with 3/1-4/15 year over year, showing costs increase by 573% and leads increase by 656%. A huge win. But growth in post-deadline May had to be substantial to keep people on the payroll. We re-adjusted budgets back toward keywords successful in September and could deliver in May. Year over year, the month of May showed a 526% increase in cost and a 572% increase in conversions. DTCS could retain their staff and look forward to more sustained growth with LP in the future!

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