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How a New Dental Practice Used Digital Marketing To Build Its Clientele From Scratch

Monthly Ad Spend: $7,000

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Starting a dental practice from scratch is a challenging endeavor. It requires a hefty upfront facility investment without a guaranteed clientele to justify the expense. It’s the proverbial dilemma of chicken or the egg—and one that can take years to resolve. This was the scenario Dream Team Dental found themselves in when they opened their doors in spring 2020. They needed to market their new business, but in a sustainable way that wouldn’t ultimately jeopardize the bottom line. They wisely looked to leverage digital marketing to crack the code.

About Dream Team Dental

Dream Team Dental (DTD) is led by two Southern California natives and NYU College of Dentistry alumni. After graduating together, both Dr. Kevin and Dr. Nima started a joint practice to deliver best-in-class technique and care to their hometown community. Collaboration is key to their success, which made their partnership with Logical Position so seamless. Afterall, teamwork makes the dream work!


Dream Team Dental - Goals 1

CPA <$250

Dream Team Dental - Goals 2

Increase Site Traffic

Dream Team Dental - Goals 3

Establish Conversion Tracking

Digital Marketing Challenges

When DTD onboarded with LP in June 2020, they were brand new to digital marketing. In fact, a week before signing on, they had just launched their first Google Ads campaigns—before realizing they had neither the time nor the expertise to do it right. Still, they knew digital marketing held untapped potential for their practice. A mutual business contact referred them to Logical Position, and our team helped them establish achievable KPIs and realistic account expectations.


Case Study - Dream Team Dental

Building up your patient clientele is essential to sustaining any dental practice, and with traditional marketing efforts growing long in the tooth, DTD wanted to narrow in on the acquisition of specific patients. Namely, Spanish-speaking clients within a six-mile radius of their office, and those with Medi-Cal insurance, which gave DTD a competitive advantage over other dentists servicing the immediate area. Furthermore, they wanted to measure the impact digital marketing could make on their business as they aspired to open a second location, which would again require building an entirely new book of business from scratch.


Since DTD was a brand-new practice with no marketing experience, there was no historical data to reference. So our team got to work researching relevant search terms on which we could win bids and composed a plan to prospect for clients. We started within a six-mile radius of three zip codes in the immediate vicinity of their office location in Whittier, CA. From there, we built out 17 campaigns in total, using single keyword ad groups to isolate performance at the ad group level, to better inform where budget was best spent. This gave our team the controls necessary to close the gaps and tighten the braces, which was necessary to keep the cost per acquisition within the ad spend budget. Keeping the account KPIs in mind, we introduced Microsoft Advertising campaigns, which offered additional opportunities at a much lower CPC rate.

Case Study - Dream Team Dental


In nearly three years of collaboration with DTD, together we’ve established their dental practice as a reliable source for patients looking for state-of-the-art facilities with best-in-class dental care. During this time, we’ve sustainably doubled their ad spend budget and filled their calendars with new patient appointments, which they’ve met with miles of smiles. In August 2022, DTD opened their second location, which gave our team twice the opportunity to pursue.

Case Study - Dream Team Dental

From July 2020 (when our campaigns launched) to April 2023 (present), our team has achieved the following all-time metrics:

  • 466,287 impressions
  • 24,921 clicks
  • 2.7 percent conversion rate
  • 673 conversions
  • $138 CPA

In periodic comparisons from July 2021 through December 2021 against July–December 2022, our team achieved the following:

Dream Team Dental - Analytics 1


Increase in Clicks

Dream Team Dental - Analytics 2


Increase in Conversions

Dream Team Dental - Analytics 3


Increase in Interactions

Case Study - Dream Team Dental

“The team at LP has been instrumental in booking new appointments for our young business. They helped distill our strongest value propositions into tangible campaign deliverables, and ultimately, drive new clients in our immediate area to our practice. It’s been a win/win all around!”

— Dr. Kevin Elgrichi, founder, Dream Team Dentistry

Whether your business is just getting started or in need of a full digital marketing examination, our team of marketing professionals are ready to help you shine!

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