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How We Generated $669,000 In One Year For Everlock Systems

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Everlock Systems, doing business as Skirting Direct, is a factory direct, one-stop-shop for mobile home skirting. Skirting Direct’s high quality skirting products, low price point, and attentive customer service team has helped drive the company’s success since their founding in 1981. For over 30 years, Skirting Direct has provided their customers with a lifetime warranty, making them the perfect choice for mobile home owners throughout the nation.

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“Hands down, without a doubt our partnership with Logical Positions over the past three years has been our single greatest return on investment. The start-up process to delivery was painless and the results speak for themselves. We’re grateful for our partnership and look forward to many more successful campaigns in the future.”

-Nick Quatrochi, owner of Everlock Systems, Inc.

Why did Everlock Come to LP?

Everlock’s owner, Nick Quatrochi, has been running Google Ads on his own, but was seeing mixed degrees of success. Eventually, he realized that he was wasting money by trying to utilize paid search on his own—but he knew how valuable a digital marketing strategy was for his business. So he decided it was time to turn to the professionals, and thus the partnership with Logical Position (LP) was born. Our paid search team started by conducting an in-depth intake call with Nick to gain a deeper understanding of his business and learn more about his digital marketing goals. Nick was hoping the team at LP would be able to deliver results for him and create a profitable paid search strategy for his account.

What Strategy was Used?

We began by breaking Nick’s Google Ads campaigns into Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) and Single Product Ad Groups (SPAGs). This type of campaign structure allows our team to see which products are performing the best, and move the budget around accordingly. This granular structure is key to making the most out of a small ad budget, and using every dollar efficiently. We broke our campaigns out by category, such as Skirting, in order to really hone in on how people are searching.

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Next, we utilized showcase shopping ads—a different form of shopping ad that functions as a shopping and display ad mix, as it shows different images on a carousel at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). The team built out a Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) campaign that functions as a utility campaign to essentially “back up” our own work—the DSA serves as a keyword generation tool; it allows us to capture any traffic that our keywords might have missed at a fraction of the cost.

Finally, our team built out a Catch All shopping campaign—this serves to “catch” any of the extra traffic that our other shopping campaigns might miss if they run out of budget. We set the costper-clicks (CPCs) on our Catch All campaign really low, which has allowed us to stay at the client’s budget while still picking up additional traffic. The DSA and Catch All campaigns let us capture traffic and ultimately convert at a lower cost; these serve as some of our team’s secret weapons to prevent our campaigns from being limited by budget.

What were the Results?

Our team was definitely able to deliver results for Everlock, much beyond what Nick was initially even hoping to see. In the past month, our team spent $2,200 on paid search, and made $57,000 in revenue for Everlock—which equates to a 23x return-on-ad-spend (ROAS). Our DSA campaign is performing even better, seeing a 51x ROAS over the last month. In the past year, we’ve made $669,000 in total revenue from Google Ads for Everlock, and seen 159,000 total website visitors from paid search. Google Ads has even accounted for 16% in new user growth for Everlock.

If you’re not seeing results from running paid search on your own, let LP help. We’ll free up your time, money, and energy—come see for yourself.

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