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How LP Helped Fishskyn Catch 50% More Fish

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Bringing visual excitement to dull laptops, computer pads, and smartphones through decorative skins is Fishskyn’s (FS) primary goal. Working and selling designs through their website, founder Thomas Fischetti developed easily applied overlays–also known as skins–made from high-quality materials also used to protect sports cars from scratches and other damage. Fishskyn skins provide such protection as well as a better grip, an accurate fit, and a great new look.

Key Metrics

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Increase in Conversions

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Increase in Revenue

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Rise in Search Impressions

Case Study - Fishskyn

“Fishskyn was started to bring new colors and textures to the same old technology. That’s how we do business too: looking for new and exciting ways to share our products. LP provided the right support to build trust and equity in the partnership.”

— Thomas Fischetti, Founder, Fishskyn

Why Logical Position?

Prior to working with LP, FS had never run any paid search campaigns, but they knew online advertising would be paramount to sustain long term growth. After researching several companies, FS decided to partner with the agency trusted to manage the most ad-spend in North America – Logical Position. With pay-per-click ads being a new sector for their business, they were laser focused on capturing market share and roadmapping a plan to scale. From the start, the main goal of the account was to get insights into customer data to help them segment product demographics and launch new product lines. Since they were willing to break even early on, we were able to be very aggressive to demonstrate a proof of concept and account potential.

Our Strategy

Case Study - Fishskyn

Once our accounts were up and running, we helped FS identify a targeted ROAS goal of 3x. To get there, LP tested a mix of manual and automated bidding strategies to grow sales volume sustainably. To target new users to their site, we implemented tests including a query split of shopping campaigns, Smart Shopping campaigns, Smart Display campaigns, and automated bidding for high relevance search terms. Combining these strategies we continued to find new areas for growth across the channel. Finally, after established results on Google, we launched Microsoft Ads, which captures a larger percentage of desktop users that make-up a more mature audience with more disposable income.


In year over year comparisons from January through May of 2022 to the same time period in 2021, Fishkyn saw a 50% increase in total conversions and a 70% increase in revenue, meaning they were getting better quality conversions and more of them. Talk about a win/win, and despite the increased cost per click (CPC) they continued to grow with a 4x return on ad spend (ROAS). The click-through rate (CTR) saw a 71% increase as well, while search impressions soared by 98%.

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Case Study - Fishskyn

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