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How our Restaurant Supply Client Doubled their Monthly Conversions

Monthly Ad Spend: $3,000

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Our client is one of the biggest B2B restaurant supply companies in the industry, with five distribution centers and a thriving online marketplace. For nearly 40 years, they’ve provided restaurants, bars, and catering companies with everything from measuring spoons and scales, to massive freezers, refrigerators, and display cases.

Key Metrics

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Monthly Conversions

Why Logical Position?

Offering a huge selection of restaurant products, both online and at their physical locations, our client’s previous agency failed to segment campaigns between each of their business verticals, making it difficult to evaluate impact and effectiveness. After strategizing with Logical Position, they were excited for us to establish a proper attribution model and segment their various campaigns accordingly.


Drive in-store foot traffic

Increase revenue by 10%

Streamline conversion tracking and data attribution

Develop an eComm channel to widen distribution footprint

Our Strategy

Case Study - Restaurant Supply Company

To get started, our team analyzed all of the combined historical data that was available. Since the previous agency didn’t properly segment campaigns, the data was incomplete, but still helped establish some benchmarks for the client. Next, the account team segmented campaigns between eComm and Lead Gen, each with their own targeted cost per acquisition to properly allocate spend.

For eComm, we started with three branded campaigns to capture all of the inbound traffic for their respective brands. The client uniquely operates through 2 separate business names for their physical stores in California and Nevada, and a third as their online eComm brand. With a unique business model came a unique account strategy to ensure all branded searches were captured. The non-branded campaigns isolated over 14,000 individual products in order to prioritize higher-priced items like large freezers, closet coolers, and other $1,000-plus items. This made it easier to justify the ad-spend for new acquisitions and gave our account team greater control, which led to more clicks and acquiring customers at a lower cost.

On the Lead Gen side, our account team used a geo-targeted bull’s-eye campaign that increased ad frequency to users as they got closer to one of the distributor’s physical locations. These campaigns targeted audiences within a 50-mile radius of their five locations to drive in-store foot traffic.

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Lastly, integration with CallRail established phone sales attribution to our geo-targeted ad campaigns, letting our team continue to sculpt our target audiences within a specific region relevant to the business. Tracking calls to specific physical store locations was a vital part of roadmapping campaign success.


Case Study - Restaurant Supply Company

Under LP management, brand awareness saw a 60% increase in impressions and 112% increase in clicks. Similarly, ROAS increased by 40% and account-wide sales rose by 28.81% between October 2020 and September 2022. As the campaigns proceeded and revenue rose, costs were reduced, with monthly spending dropping 25% from $4,000 to $3,000.

What’s on the menu for this client? More revenue, better data, and greater traffic to their stores. Get in touch to learn how LP can whip up the right marketing recipe for your company today!

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