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How Treehouse Increased New Sitewide Users By 86%

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Treehouse, a code education platform, is cracking the code on accessible education. They want to diversify the technology industry by offering a variety of educational programs for coding as well as apprenticeships to help professionals advance their career.

Key Metrics


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Increase in New Website Users


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Increase in New Website Users

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Conversions on
Google Ads


Conversions on
Microsoft Advertising

“Being able to move the needle for Treehouse has been really rewarding. In just 6 months, we’ve increased users on the website by 12% from Google and 86% from Bing. Treehouse has had 6,211 conversions on Google Ads and 2,813 on Microsoft Advertising— all while averaging a lower ad spend.”

-Karly Scott, the Enterprise Account Manager who works with Treehouse.

What Were Their Objectives

Treehouse was managing their paid search efforts internally, but knew they were wasting money. When Logical Position (LP) reached out to Treehouse, they knew it was time to make some changes and begin a partnership. Treehouse had three Google Ads accounts before working with LP— we consolidated these into one so that we could track spend better and optimize more efficiently.

Case Study - Treehouse


  1. Increase program enrollment
  2. Increased brand awareness
  3. Better campaign efficiency


  • Account restructuring — We broke the account into single keyword ad groups and then broke it out even further by splitting the campaigns by coding languages. This granularity allowed us to figure out exactly which keywords were converting and scale the account from there.
  • Conversion Tracking — We set up conversion tracking so that we could properly track leads and monitor spend accordingly. We assigned dollar values for different types of leads so that our team could weight the leads more effectively.
  • Implemented prospecting — We used both YouTube and display ads to re-engage website visitors with relevant ads. This increased brand awareness while costing almost nothing.

What Are People Saying?

“We’ve seen fantastic success working with Logical Position. It takes an incredible amount of trust to hand over such a key component of your acquisition strategy to an outside partner. Logical Position has proven in spades that it was the right decision to make for our business.”

-Bo Jacober, Director of Marketing & Production

Looks like we cracked the Google Ads code.

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