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With digital publishing services from Logical Position, we can help you increase traffic, revenue, and readership. As an experienced news content provider, we’ll create content that’s tailored toward your specific audience.

So, what’s the benefit of having optimized content on your site? Not only are your readers going to stay on the page, but they’ll remember that your site gave them the answer they were looking for and likely return for future answers or news updates as well.

When you choose to work with Logical Position, you’re getting a custom solution for your publishing business.

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Unique Content Creation

The professional writing team at Logical Position will produce unique content that’s specific to our publisher’s needs. Whether you want something that’s locally focused or something targeted toward a certain industry vertical, we can accommodate virtually any topic. We create all of our content with SEO in mind, meaning we’ll research keywords related to your area and write material based on what your readers are already searching for. Whether you would like us to follow an editorial calendar of topics or need something on an on-demand basis, we’ll generate a plan that works for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice that helps your website show up in the organic section of search engines. These natural results are crucial, as they determine what Google thinks is the most relevant piece of content for the user searching. Whether you need help with technical issues or on-site optimizations, check out our various SEO packages.

Website Development

Not only does Logical Position provide excellent content services, but we can design a beautiful site to display that fresh content as well. We offer a variety of publisher-tailored solutions that can help you expand your digital presence. Contact one of our publishing coordinators to discuss your options.

Staff Training

From planned sessions and webinars to on-call support and more, we offer a variety of staff training programs for our publishers.

Revenue Generation

We have other revenue generating opportunities built into our publishing relationships. If you’d like to learn how you can continue to grow your business with augmented advertising packages and other solutions, speak to one of our publishing coordinators to decide your next step.

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