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Finding ways to increase traffic and revenue through your website has never been easier with help from Logical Position. We are the top digital marketing agency in Portland, OR, that will grow your business through Pay-Per-Click Management, Search Engine Optimization, Website Development, E-mail Marketing, and more. Our friendly and experienced web marketing team in Portland is ready to help you accomplish your digital marketing goals. We strive to ensure our clients’ businesses reach their maximum potential.

When it comes to internet marketing in the Portland area, Logical Position has the personalized solutions your company needs. Click on one of our services below to learn more!

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What We Can Do for Your Business

Here at Logical Position, we help thousands of small to medium-sized businesses increase traffic, conversions, and growth rate around the world with a large amount coming from right here in Portland. Whether your budget is large or small, you will receive the same exceptional attention and care. We love working with small businesses. Even though your budget is smaller, we’re passionate about helping you breakout ahead of the competition, expanding your business, and growing your brand. We are a digital marketing agency in Portland, OR, that differs from our competitors, as we offer smaller clients the same effort, care, and processes that our larger clients get. No matter how small or large our client may be, we are invested in growing your business just as much as you are!

PPC Management

PPC Management Google Ads, Yahoo!, Microsoft and more.

Premier placement on top search engines. Multiple options, no hidden fees.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization National and local map campaigns.

Get a higher position in the organic section of the search results.

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Web Development

Web Development Web development that’s built for success.

Whether you need a splash page or an entire site, we've got you covered.

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Paid Social

Paid Social Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

Leverage the power of social media with highly customized and targeted paid social advertising campaigns.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing Awareness and brand loyalty promotion.

Build customer awareness and brand loyalty through a fully managed and targeted email marketing campaign.

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Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising Drive more product sales.

Leverage the entire Amazon platform to create a cohesive strategy for brand growth and profitability.

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We Love Portland Businesses

Logical Position has provided search engine marketing for thousands of small and medium-sized businesses around the world, including many right here in our home town of Portland, Oregon. We enjoy working with lower budgets just as much as high ones because we know it can be hard to get your name out there and grow. We are different from our competitors by offering our lower budgets the same care, processes and transparency that we give our higher budgets.

Welcome to Transparency

Transparency is the foundation of the way we conduct business. Our innovative Client Dashboard allows you to view the performance of your Internet marketing campaigns in real time. From keyword-level cost-per-click to phone call recording, our Client Dashboard gives you full access to the information you deserve. With great features, monitoring your results and our work has never been easier.

Welcome to Transparency

Direct Communication

With our ticketing system, you have a direct line of communication with your Account Manager. No matter how urgent the problem, we offer their phone number and email so you can get in touch with them immediately.

Google Ads Access

With our Client Dashboard, you can view Google Ads statistics in near real time, schedule reports, contact your Account Manager, and more.

Reporting on the Go

You can review and customize your reports in a way that makes the most sense for your business on any of your devices.

Our Proven Process

Seeing success takes time, patience and diligent work. For the last 5 years we have refined our proven process through our work with thousands of small businesses around the world.


Who’s Involved?
You, Sales Representative, Account Builder

We will work with you to discover your business needs and goals prior to (re)building your account. Though we may have built a hundred accounts in your industry, every business is unique and therefor requires a unique build.


Who’s Involved?
Account Builder

Next, we go to work building your Google Ads and/or Yahoo!/Microsoft accounts. We take into consideration your business goals, needs, competition and search trends as we work to make your PPC campaigns conversion machines.


Who’s Involved?
You, Head of Search, Account Manager

Our Head of Search will review the build and you will be introduced to your Account Manager who will go over the changes we made, anything new we created and our reasoning behind it all.


Who’s Involved?
Account Builder, Account Manager

9 out of 10 Google Ads accounts we review are missing the most important step in Google Ads management: testing. An account can be built to perfection on paper but will never achieve its true potential without routine testing.

“In months, we were breaking records with online orders and daily phone sales.”

Michael Elson
Vice President Penn Tool Co.

“I haven’t come across a company in the last 10 years with Logical Position’s level of service.”

Mario Sorrentino Owner
Automotive Equipment Specialists

“We took a chance on Logical Position because of their customer service, certifications, and reviews. Our trust has been deeply rewarded, with returns on our ad spend exceeding the 5:1 benchmark that we had set with them. If you can find our firm online a large part of the credit goes to Logical Position”

Mario Sorrentino Owner
Automotive Equipment Specialists

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