Google AdWords Account

Do you have an active Google AdWords account?

Google Keyword Planner

Using the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, do your primary keywords have >1,000 monthly searches in your target area?

AdWords Optimization

Do you check your AdWords account more than once a week?

Google SERP

On the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) are there listings (organic or paid) for similar products or services that you offer?

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Re-evaluate Your Strategy

Google Search Network Advertising tends to work best for companies selling products/services that have search volume. If your search volume is under 1,000 monthly searches, Search Engine Optimization and other avenues could be a better fit. To discuss a potential SEO strategy for your business, contact our SEO team!

Conversion Tracking

Do you have conversion tracking for completed purchases, successful contact form submissions and/or phone calls generated from AdWords in your AdWords account?

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Make Time or Get Help

AdWords is a dynamic, fast-paced platform. If your job requires your attention to be in other areas, we totally get it. That being said, if you're not at least updating your negative keywords once a week (or testing ad copy, changing bids, checking your SQR...the list goes on), you're not giving your company the best opportunity to be profitable. Sit down with one of our AdWords specialists to see areas of improvement within your account.

Competitive eCommerce PPC

Are your products/services price competitive in your market?

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Try a New Approach

Google Search Network Advertising tends to work the best for products/services that are well established. If there are no similar products or services on the SERP, that means your product might be slightly new-to-market – which is rad – however, Search Network advertising may not yield the best return. Search Engine Optimization and other avenues could be more advantageous. To discuss a potential SEO strategy for your business, contact our SEO team.

eCommerce PPC Management

Are you an eCommerce company?

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Stop Throwing Money Away

Conversion tracking is the compass for your AdWords account – without it, you can get really off-track. Additionally, conversion tracking (in AdWords) is what allows you to make the most profitable adjustments based on what is actually working in your account. If you're having issues setting up conversion tracking, our code team can help.

AdWords Certified Companies

Are you AdWords certified?

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Test a New Strategy

Online searchers tend to be price sensitive earlier in the process. If your products/services aren't priced competitively in your market, odds are that even if you get traffic to your site they may not result in a new client. There may be better digital avenues available to you outside of Search Network Advertising, such as the Display Network or Retargeting. To find out other digital advertising opportunities, contact our strategy team.

eCommerce Conversion Tracking

Do you have eCommerce tracking enabled in your GOOGLE ANALYTICS account.

AdWords Campaign Structure

Do you only have one running campaign?

AdWords ROAS

Is your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in the AdWords account positive (all conv. Value/cost column should be higher than 1/your profit margin %)

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Harness Your Account’s Potential

Revenue tracking is critical for eCommerce accounts to gauge profitability in AdWords. Conversion tracking only tracks transactions (when input correctly), which is great, but revenue tracking tells us the $-value of those transactions. For example, do you want 50 people buying your yoyo or do you want 45 buying your higher margin, more profitable ultra-super-sonic-state-of-the-art yoyomatic?

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Don’t Lose Your Unique Qualities

The beauty of the campaign level in AdWords is that it is rich, and deep, with settings. Your business is unique and there's no other one like it. Yet, if you have one campaign, what you’re telling Google is that you're not special. And you’re not treating your search traffic like they are special either. If you have your wedding photography in the same campaign as your senior portraits –or- your custom picture frames in with your vinyl poster frames, these two types of audiences are being marketed to using the same settings. With the same budget. Call one of our experts today to discuss best practices for account structure and success!

AdWords Optimization

Are you utilizing multiple networks?

AdWords RLSA

Are you using RLSA?

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Broaden Your Horizons

Google AdWords, like digital marketing as a whole, is an eco-system. Running multiple networks is more beneficial than putting all of your eggs in one basket. The Display Network can put you in front of people who don't already know that your products/services exist, the Search Network can pull in users actively searching for what you have, and Remarketing can help pull prospective buyers back to your site when the time is right. Contact our digital strategy team for an in-depth consultation of your AdWords strategy.

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Expert in Training

It sounds like you've done your homework! You may be ready to get started with Google AdWords, but getting certified is just the tip of the iceberg. Setting up, managing and growing your AdWords account takes time, knowledge and motivation to stay up-to-date with best practices. Get in touch with our certified AdWords experts to map out a custom strategy for your new campaigns!

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Get to the Source

Google AdWords should be a profitable endeavor otherwise there's a problem. Call our eCommerce team today to walk through the account and identify areas of wasted spend. We need to get that ROAS positive!

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Looking Good

Great companies with great products, websites, and strategy should be profitable! What we tend to find is that the biggest question is how profitable? There's no such thing as perfect and we guarantee we can show you at least one or two strategies you might not have considered in your account. Talk to one of our eCommerce experts today to find out what you may be missing.

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Don’t Let Em’ Get Away

RLSA is one of the most effective retargeting/remarketing strategies available online. With this network and strategy, you can target visitors to your site (who either have or have not converted – you choose), using the Search Network. Talk to our experts about why this is vital to your strategy!

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Knowledge is Power

One of the biggest money wasters in any AdWords campaign, new or old, is getting started without understanding how AdWords works. Despite its simple appearance, a successful AdWords account requires a specialized skillset to manage your budget in the best way fit for your campaigns. Talk with one of our experts to learn how we can help you meet business goals while getting the biggest bang for your buck!

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Looking Like a Pro

It looks like you've done your homework! You may have implemented more advanced AdWords strategies, but RLSAs require a lot of attention and maintenance. Get in touch with our certified AdWords experts to ensure your budget is being spent efficiently and your campaigns are setup for success!