4 Tips to Getting Your Small Business Found Online

4 Tips to Getting Your Small Business Found Online

Looking for the best marketing techniques? They are really quite simple. The first and most important step for you is to hire an affordable search engine optimization consultant team to make sure that those techniques are implemented properly and effectively.

Whether you implement them yourself, or outsource your SEO needs to the pros, here are four of the simplest, but best marketing techniques for large or small businesses. And these may be even more effective for small business, as they actually account for 52.6 percent of all retail sales now.

1. Claim Your Business Online

Go onto Google Places or Yelp, or any other internet site that lists businesses. Once there, you can register to be the owner of the business listing. Over four million people have done this, and more are continuing to do so. This allows you to make sure that all of the information provided is completely correct, and that you can add your own information. People often rely on Google Places for information about local businesses, so you want to make sure that what they see about your business is accurate.

2. Start a Blog

Companies running a timely and relevant blog get 55 percent more web traffic than their competition. You want the posts to be topical, yet relevant to your business, and frequent updates will bring people back to your site on a regular basis.

3. Sign Up for Facebook

And Twitter. At least 65 percent of adult internet users are signed up for at least one social networking site. Think of all of the exposure and potential clients or customers you could reach through these channels. The trick with business social media is that you need to make relevant and timely posts, but not so often that you seem desperate or spammy. Social media posts also need to engage the user, by asking questions or starting conversations. Steer clear of advertising blatantly in your Facebook or Twitter posts, lest followers ignore them. Business social media is a delicate balance.

4. You Cannot Buy Your Way to Success

Best of all marketing techniques? Use your money wisely. A good SEO analyst can advise you on what to spend your money on when it comes to advertisement. For instance, Pay Per Click advertising could be a very worthwhile investment. PPC management can expose you directly to the people searching for your specific keywords or services all over the major search engines, limiting the time you need to wait to rank up, which will actually increase your ranks in turn. It is a convenient cycle.

Search engine optimization is not a quick fix, but one that must be developed over time. Do not be fooled by self-proclaimed experts who advise you to throw money at the problem and wait for customers to come rolling in.


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