A Well-Placed Search Ad’s Effects on Organic Search Phrases

A Well-Placed Search Ad’s Effects on Organic Search Phrases

If you’re a digital marketing beginner, Google Ads might be a mystery to you. When you set up Google ads for an ecommerce business, your ads can appear in a few different ways. For text ads, you can choose different keywords and even use a few different match types to control when your ad is triggered. For Google Shopping, Google uses your product description, headline, and product data in the data feed as well as your bid to determine when and how your product listing ad displays. It’s important for an advertiser to understand precisely how to leverage these attributes to get the best results.

No doubt you’ve noticed Google Ads above and beside the organic search results during your own searches. Perhaps you’ve even wondered how they can entice your prospects and draw more attention to your site. To help you out, here’s a quick look at a well-placed ad’s effects on organic search phrases.

A Well-stocked Shelf

Organic presence means the amount of search engine market share a brand possesses; that is, it shows the percentage of results it enjoys for specific keyword searches. If you have a strong organic presence, you already dominate much of the search results page. Conversely, if you’re competing with other brands for search engine real estate, you should consider investing in Google Shopping Ads. Placing a Google Shopping Ad that reacts when a particular keyword is searched can take up more space on the page, fill out any “holes,” and push competitors further down. Taking up “shelf space” with ads means putting your brand front and center. Shopping Ads can also help you compete with larger companies that tend to dominate results pages. You may not have the ability to battle it out with Amazon, Macy’s, or other major brands, but you have a chance to keep your brand on top, front, and center.

Textual Flexibility

When you do place Google Shopping Ads, don’t let them go stale. You can regularly change ads to keep them fresh and customers interested. You want your organic listing to stay the same, and remain in place on the search results. Change up your ads with customized messaging to protect your territory. For instance, add promotion extensions like sales and discounts. Generally, keep your ads flexible and cater to users to grab search engines’ attention and get customers to click. Dislodge your competition with regular, enticing ads!

They’ve Got Your Back

Let’s say you have a good or even great organic listing. People are finding you by your brand name or biggest keywords. You’re on top of the world. Who needs ads? You do. If you don’t run ads your competition will, and they’ll work to place them above all your rankings. Solely relying on a single channel allows your rivals to divert traffic away from your site. Search Ads further establish your presence on the results page and let customers know you’re there. Don’t give the competition an inch, onscreen and off!

That’s the gist of a well-placed search ad’s effects on organic search phrases. If you’d like to learn more about search ads and other ecommerce PPC services, contact Logical Position for a consultation. LP is an ecommerce PPC consultant that offers other digital marketing services as well. We can help you customize your messaging and show how to advertise on the Google Ads platform.

Billy Dunne

Billy Dunne, Digital Marketing Specialist

Billy Dunne is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Logical Position, an Inc. 500 company headquartered in Oregon with offices nationwide. The agency offers full-service PPC management, SEO, Social Media, Amazon, and website design solutions for businesses large and small, and was ranked as the third best place to work in America by Inc. Magazine.


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