Creating a Profitable Amazon Marketing Strategy for 2021

Creating a Profitable Amazon Marketing Strategy for 2021

Amazon quickly rose as the most prominent e-commerce site online. Even large, established corporations quickly learned to adapt to the Amazon platform to keep their customer bases. The company caters to the online consumer’s sense of urgency and desire for instant or near-instant gratification through amazingly fast shipping speeds and the ability to shop for nearly anything in one place. Amazon’s model is continuously evolving to create a better experience for their users, so businesses have to perform adequate research and learn about the numerous features to stay relevant on the platform. Creating a profitable Amazon marketing strategy for 2021 is difficult with the rapidly adapting platform but necessary.

Watch for New Updates

Amazon is a platform that continuously evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of digital consumers. It’s also a platform designed for consumers—meaning the company doesn’t always prioritize informing sellers of changes before they happen. This rapidly shifting environment requires sellers to stay up to date on the latest Amazon launches and developments. A simple change or system implementation can mean drastic changes in how sellers must effectively operate. Here are some newer developments to focus on for 2021:

Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts is a new feature launching on the platform that allows brands and sellers to communicate more with their customers. It offers sellers the opportunity to provide in-depth product information on product pages to increase click rates and conversions. These posts are essentially mini blog posts about a specific product to create a wealth of information for consumers. These posts are displayed in carousels on detail pages for their products and related products and in other critical places throughout the platform.

There’s no real limit to how many posts a brand can create. The platform recommends posting these as often you would blogs to an individual website or social media posts to your company pages.

Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon recently hinted at the swift and sharply increasing importance of brand registry. The online retail giant is allowing special perks and favoring brands that sell their own products. This could be in response to the plethora of price gauging and poor user experiences that often come with non-brand-registered sellers on the platform. Therefore, if a seller is the brand owner, they need to register their brand with Amazon to take full advantage of these new features and preferences.

These changes don’t mean that non-brand-registered sellers cannot be successful on Amazon. Still, it’s a pointed hint at future policy changes, making it easier for brand-registered sellers to find success.

Amazon Live

Amazon Live is yet another new feature coming. It will allow sellers to create video content similar to a television infomercial. This feature is free to sellers, and if the resources are available, brands should quickly take advantage of this. This feature may not be feasible for many smaller brands and sellers, but companies should utilize any free advertising the platform offers whenever possible.

These are just a few of the new features Amazon is planning. Staying on top of all new features and ad types the retail giant releases is vital. As Amazon announces new ads, they typically sneak them into seller options. New ad types are rarely given full fanfare attention, so companies that pay careful attention can take advantage of them first. Getting in first on a new ad type means less competition for that ad space. With most brands being slow to adapt, an early converter can find immeasurable success.

Leave Room for Adaptation

Operating with the urgency and unpredictability of e-commerce in mind, brands should leave room for change in their Amazon marketing plans. New features and developments can come at a moment’s notice. Sellers on the platform must prepare to create strategies knowing they may require adjustments and overhauls throughout the year. Especially as the world works on recovering from a pandemic, e-commerce may experience fluctuations in regulations, demand, and supply.

Leave room in your marketing plan for change. For a profitable experience, brands on Amazon need to be willing to dedicate time and effort to keep up with the new launches, requirements, laws, and expectations of Amazon and consumers alike.

Invest in Advertisements

Amazon ads are fundamental investments for brands. Amazon determines organic results in a way unique from all other platforms, meaning the more ads you run, the better your organic results will be.

The way shoppers navigate the Amazon platform is also very unique. Organic results for keywords are essential, but product carousels on similar, complementary, or competing products also find many clicks. New ad types are released all the time, and staying on top of these and taking a full-funnel approach will create more sales.

Register Your Brand, if Possible

Brand registry on Amazon is more important than ever before. More opportunities and higher priority are given to postings sold by registered brands. The majority of sellers (more than 90 percent) are not brand-registered. Taking advantage of these unique opportunities provides a brand with a head start on making sales and meaningful impressions. Registering a brand takes some time and effort, but it’s more than worth it in the long run. There are free advertising opportunities, new ad types, and a growing amount of Amazon support for registered brands.

Take the Granular Approach

A granular approach to Amazon marketing is the most effective one, albeit the most challenging one. There are significant limits to what a brand can do in Amazon marketing campaigns if they don’t take a highly granular approach. This is often difficult for brands to achieve independently or without a professional Amazon PPC consultant and partner.

Utilize all ad types and take advantage of any and all promotional options the platform provides. The investment will have great return when campaigns are adequately structured and in compliance with expectations. A granular approach also allows more levers to push and pull performance and take control over sales.

Creating a Profitable Amazon Marketing Strategy for 2021

Invest in Professional Campaign Management

With how often ad types change and opportunities adapt on Amazon, it can be nearly impossible for a busy business to stay on top of their Amazon marketing efforts alone. Hiring a professional Amazon marketing campaign management company offers an enormous advantage. An experienced team can dedicate the time, energy, and industry insights to create a meaningful and effectual marketing campaign for your 2021 Amazon efforts.

Logical Position is a professional digital marketing agency, Amazon partner, and PPC management company. We pride ourselves on our practical approach to Amazon advertising and promotion, which delivers positive results to our clients. Contact us today for additional information and a free consultation to learn what our services can do for your Amazon-based business.

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