Different Ways Email Marketing Can Help SEO

Different Ways Email Marketing Can Help SEO

The perfect digital marketing strategy takes many forms. Each channel, whether it’s SEO, email marketing, or PPC, ties together to form a unified, cohesive digital marketing platform for your business. When optimizing your e-commerce page, there are many ways email marketing can help. Here are some of the different ways email marketing can help SEO and drive traffic and engagement to your web page.

Increase Traffic

Email marketing is a proven resource that can increase traffic. It brings valuable content to customers through direct communication. You can enhance your email marketing to target audiences for particular products or services. This results in them spending more time on the website, which increases conversion rates and reduces bounce rates. Emails give more credit to the SEO work already done.

Develop a Targeted Content Strategy

Another way email marketing helps SEO is by driving traffic to a preexisting SEO content strategy. Email marketing targets visitors based on their viewing history to cement the number of visitors to your website. Email is a useful tool to support any blog strategy, as more visitors will remain on a blog page and engage with the content. Through a condensed, easy-to-read version available within an email, clients see a visual strategy charted with the respective blog topics and target URLs needed for their campaign. This blog strategy tailors to your products or services to strengthen your overall web presence.

Revitalize Existing Content

It’s also useful to revitalize existing blog content on your website. One of the different ways email marketing can help SEO is by explaining the best use or care of your products. It also helps retain traffic and engagement on blog pages. Blog pages provide more detail than a product or service page. Email marketing provides an opportunity to target visitors who are more interested in specific products. By looking at customers’ purchase history, viewed product history, and checkout history, you can increase the conversion rate on your web page. Rather than reach out to visitors who bounce from your website, meaning they leave without any engagement, it encourages a greater outreach for those who spend time and engage with content or products.

Reduce Bounce Rates

Lastly, don’t forget that email marketing is proven to reduce bounce rates. In SEO, bounce rate is the metric used to determine the number of visitors who don’t engage with your web page’s content. This happens when someone visits a page and leaves before taking any specific action. A high bounce rate is detrimental to SEO, as it devalues your web page’s performance. Email marketing offers the best opportunity to reduce your bounce rate and increase onsite engagement with your products, services, or blog content.

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