How Does Google Remarketing Help Your Business

How Does Google Remarketing Help Your Business

When shopping online for products or services, many people look around other sites before making their final purchase decision. This is often part of a routine buy cycle. “Buy cycle” describes the time it takes from exposure to a product to the final purchase. Different products and services have different buy cycles.

For example, suppose a person is searching the web for “furnace replacement.” In this case, that person may click on a few websites, but ultimately, they will call one rather quickly. This short buy cycle is due to the immediacy of the need. People searching for furnaces replacements typically want to address the issue promptly. Here is another example of a buy cycle: consider a person searching the internet for “pear cut engagement rings.” This person may search many websites and not purchase anything for weeks, months, or even a year. The need is less immediate, and people often take their time when purchasing jewelry or other luxury items.

Understanding a product’s buy cycle and knowing when to market and remarket to potential customers is vital to increasing conversions in an online sphere. Many people may wonder, “how does Google remarketing help your business?” Explore this guide to discover how your business can reach its full potential.

It Reminds People of Your Brand

Google remarketing helps your business by reminding people who previously saw your product or brand about your business. As mentioned, some products have longer buy cycles than others, and potential customers may forget about a product or brand over time. In these cases, remarketing acts as a friendly reminder about the product or service in question.

Remarketing ads are often simple and feature only the product photo. While these ads aren’t particularly glamourous, they are useful. Remarketing doesn’t require fancy graphics or outstanding ad copy. The audience will click on the link if they had a lasting interest in the product or service shown.

Many times, remarketing leads to increased sales. People may go on to finalize their purchase upon remembering the item they were seeking.

It Can Lead To Increased Conversions

While it takes expertise to execute a remarketing campaign successfully, it is a very lucrative investment for businesses. Remarketing shows a specific audience brief and targeted reminders of a business’s of their products or services.

Perhaps a person is searching for “steel toe work boots.” In that case, the person sees an ad and clicks on it. They go to the company’s website. They browse a bit and spend a few minutes on a product page for brown work boots. They close their browser because they aren’t quite ready to commit to a pair. One week later, that same person reads an article online and sees an ad for the exact same pair of brown work boots they were looking at. They click on the ad to make the purchase now that they feel ready.

This is an example of how remarketing ads are beneficial. Most people think about the purchase first, which often leads to forgetting about a product. A little reminder can go a long way when it comes to increasing conversions.

It Connects With People at the Right Time

Google remarketing connects with people at the right time in the buy cycle. Timing ad placements is a complicated process. You must avoid ad fatigue or crossing a privacy line with your customers.

Reaching a potential customer at the right time in their buy cycle is essential to creating conversions. Reaching a person before they’re ready to purchase won’t lead to a new customer, and reaching them after they decided to buy a different yet similar product also won’t help your company.

It Gives Your Business a Large-Scale Reach

Investing in Google remarketing provides your company with a large-scale reach. Through remarketing, a business can reach broad audiences that they otherwise may not get the opportunity to convert.

Online business in general provides a unique opportunity for companies to reach wider audiences than was previously possible. Remarketing takes it to a new level. People interested in your brand will be targeted and retargeted based on complex algorithms put in place by Google and set up by business owners or their digital marketing professionals.

Cautions and Considerations for Remarketing

While remarketing is simple and extremely useful, you should consider a few things before investing.

Privacy Laws and Rapid Regulation Changes

Governments are still figuring out how to protect people’s privacy online, which means the rules for remarketing are constantly changing. For instance, some industries are not allowed to remarket at all. Others aren’t allowed to remarket to children or specific groups.

When a company decides to remarket, they may benefit from investing in a professional digital marketing company to handle the campaign. These companies monitor laws and regulations so campaigns can adjust based on any changes.

Ad Fatigue

Remarketing products or services can give potential customers ad fatigue. For example, a company that provides emergency plumbing services should never remarket to previous customers. It’s unlikely the customer will have another plumbing emergency at the exact moment they see the ad.

Ad fatigue can also come from remarketing to one person too often. People get tired of seeing the same ads over and over again. Think about the timing when remarketing to ensure people don’t get annoyed with the ad.

Helpful vs Concerning

For the most part, people don’t mind remarketing ads when they’re done in a helpful and low-profile way. There is a thin line between useful and concerning when it comes to remarketing. Consumers, for the most part, give brands leeway with advertisements and targeted ads. Still, things can cross a line and make potential customers feel creeped out at a certain point.

Targeting a person too often can jump the line of ad fatigue and cross over into becoming concerning. To avoid this, remember that the people you target have a desire for privacy. It’s easy to get caught up in analytics, but adding a human touch will lead to successful remarketing.

There are many things to keep in mind when creating a plan for remarketing to customers. When done correctly, Google remarketing helps your business tremendously. It is a method that yields visible and quite immediate results—which is rare in digital marketing. Hiring a professional digital marketing agency to handle Google remarketing ensures your business will enjoy a return on its investment. You can remarket without worrying about ad fatigue or reaching the wrong people.

Logical Position is a professional digital marketing agency and Google Partner. Our team of experts works tirelessly to ensure our clients’ remarketing campaigns move them toward their goals. We take a conversion-driven approach to help your company reach its full potential by using AdWords for local business. Contact us today for a free consultation and more information about our services.

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