How E-mail Marketing Can Help You Survive Economic Adversity

How E-mail Marketing Can Help You Survive Economic Adversity

The Internet currently holds the most valuable real estate for social interaction. Social media has become our bars, and e-commerce sites our shopping malls. Businesses are having to develop new routes that will land them on our timelines and in our inboxes. So, let me ask you this—as a business owner, how are you handling your e-mails right now?

It’s Not Just Lysol

Your inbox is likely congested with e-mails from other companies who want to ensure consumers they’re following sanitary practices. This isn’t a bad thing, of course. It’s essential for companies to follow these practices and reassure their customers that they’re taking this situation seriously. With that in mind, you can’t depend on the reassurance of Lysol and gloves alone to convey the message that you’re adjusting to the times. You must consider other items in order to ride the wave back to the shore.

You can use e-mail marketing to make customers aware of the fact that you’re taking precautions and that you’re still in business without being heavy-handed and repetitive. Even just sending e-mails on a consistent schedule tells customers this information. If you’ve already sent out an e-mail blast addressing the matter, you can insert a small blurb in your template that includes any necessary updates.

Consumers’ Needs Have Changed

As a business owner, you must consider not only how the economy has affected you, but also how it has affected your customers. Doing so allows you to speak to your customers in a manner that will drive conversions. Say you sell pet supplies. What percentage of your audience works full-time? Are they accustomed to dropping their dogs off at daycares before they go to work? Since they’re currently staying home, their pet probably is as well. This means their needs have changed—they may need more toys and treats with which to entertain their pups. Address this and ask them how they’re going to stop their pet from going as stir-crazy as they are.

If you sell home goods, stress to your audience how important it is to feel good in their environment. Offer them tips on how to do so. Don’t just sell them something—help them solve something.

We All Crave Personal Connections

Right now, people are combing the Internet in search of distractions and social interaction. They have their e-mail tabs open, waiting for something interesting to pop up in bolded font. You need to be reaching out to people and reminding them that the world is still out there. Keep your customer base informed, engaged, and entertained. You can use this time to experiment with sending out e-mail surveys or contests to your customers. E-mails are personal experiences—take the time to show empathy and to get to know your audience. Instead of allowing the current events to cause you to remain stagnant, focus on how you can expand brand awareness and relationships.

Shopgirl and NY152

When you get comfortable on the couch to pass the time with a feel-good movie, think about that little 1990s flick with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan—the one where they create something lasting just by knowing how to speak to an inbox; the one where our favorite book-lover Kathleen Kelly muses:

“I turn on my computer. I wait impatiently as it connects. I go online, and my breath catches in my chest until I hear three little words: You’ve got mail.

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