How To Build Your Email Marketing List From Scratch

How To Build Your Email Marketing List From Scratch

Online engagement is the keystone to any e-commerce website. Optimizing every avenue of traffic to increase conversion rates and business is important. One of these avenues is email marketing. Check out this guide on how to build your email marketing list from scratch to learn the best tips for success.

Create Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are easy tools to grow your email marketing list. You may feel hesitant to consider pop-ups, given they’re not the most ideal form of business from a customer’s perspective. Many times, customers find pop-ups to be intrusive or bothersome. However, from the business side, pop-ups offer immense customization and marketability. There are many different types of pop-ups you can employ, including entry, click, sidebar-scroll, timed, exit, or mini-box pop-ups. You can also determine when the pop-up triggers, who it triggers for, and what message you want to convey to attract the audience that’s most important to your brand.

You can further customize your pop-up strategy with A/B testing to see which style offers the higher conversion rate between impressions and sign-ups. Each pop-up style offers distinct visuals and characteristics to drive online engagement. Additionally, consider the advantages of desktop and mobile pop-up displays. Both play key roles in pop-up strategy, with some distinct differences to create a user-friendly interface.

Know Your Ideal Customer

With your pop-up strategy in mind, another crucial facet to consider is your ideal customer. Knowing which pop-ups will entice traffic versus which will turn people away is one of the most challenging hurdles for any email marketing effort. Given that, considering the purpose of the pop-up is important. Pop-ups that promote discounts, promotions, giveaways, subscriptions, or one-click orders offer more to entice online engagement.

Also, consider the checkout page of your e-commerce site. Most online retailers see significant increases in online engagement when they use pre-checked email subscription boxes instead of leaving them unchecked. That’s because most consumers don’t bother to uncheck these boxes once they’re ready to finalize their purchases. The same theory applies to SMS lists. All of this should align with your communication strategy given the method that works best for your target audience.

Leverage Social Media Accounts

Finally, when you’re learning how to build your email marketing strategy from scratch, don’t neglect other platforms—such as social media—to increase engagement. With these platforms, a higher social presence equates to more followers. More followers mean more potential for engagement with email marketing. Social ads support the goal of getting people to sign up based on your pop-up subscriptions. Ultimately, having other channels to increase engagement offers more opportunities to expand your email marketing potential.

Logical Position offers many email marketing packages tailored for your small business. We fully manage targeted email marketing services through audited contact lists, branded email templates, and engaging, custom-built content. We use A/B tests, list segmentation, and targeted communication to ensure proper campaign execution across a multitude of platforms. Contact us today to learn more.

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